ティーン・マムのファンは、チェルシー・フースカは「認識できない」と言っています’ 彼女の初期のMTV時代から

TEEN Mom fans are shocked after revisiting some of Chelsea Houska’s ‘different looksthrough the years before she left the MTV show.

The MTV personality left 見せ物、ショー、芝居 に 2020.

Teen Mom fans are shocked how different Chelsea Houska looks in early seasons

Teen Mom fans are shocked how different Chelsea Houska looks in early seasonsクレジット: MTV
The reality star is rocking a drastically different look these days

The reality star is rocking a drastically different look these daysクレジット: chelseahouska/Instagram

木曜日に, Teen Mom fans shared a series of photos of Chelsea through the years on Reddit.

The intention of the post was to rate the looks, picking a favorite.

Many fans, しかしながら, simply couldn’t get past how alarmingly different she looked from one year to the next.

Some said she was “認識できない,” especially compared to more recent photos.

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Teen Mom fans think Kailyn copied Chelsea's farmhouse with new mansion


Teen Mom fans think Kailyn copied Chelsea’s farmhouse with new mansion

The original post included a photo of Chelsea with bright red hair, black hair, deep red, and brown hair.

Fans were split on whether she looked better early on in the show, or now, 一筆で: “It’s not really accurate to compare someone in their very early 20s to their very early 30s.

There was one consensus among Reddit users, しかしながら: “Just not blonde.”

The comment is a nod to a blond look Chelsea briefly rocked on Teen Mom, which is often discussed by fans.


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Although Reddit users couldn’t choose one favorite, many seemed to think that Chelsea looked truly happy early on in the show.


1 人のユーザーが書いた: “その後、. Especially with red hair. She seems genuinely happy, but she’s always trying to keep up with the trendsand right now she’s running with the mid 30’s influencer vibes which includes all the fillers and filters and flat make up.

別の人が書いた: “I liked red hair Chelsea the best! That look was awesome. She also seemed happy then, genuinely happy.

Several commenters speculated that Chelsea has gotten plastic surgery through the years.

Many seemed to dislike the results.

before the fillers she was very cute and would have aged gracefully im sure. now she looks insane and it’s sad,” one critic wrote.

別のコメント: “Not a fan of her current waxy look with sausage lips and extra bony chin and jaw line.

Why get lip injections and then choose nude matte lipstick?,” 他の誰かが言った.


4月中, fans made a shocking observation about Chelsea amid claims her lips looked larger これまで以上に.

She sparked concern with a post shared on Instagram by her husband Cole DeBoer.

In a video, Chelsea held a chirping baby duckling in her hands and smiled softly.

Fans worried about her lips, 一筆で: “She’s unrecognizable here. If you gave me this out of the context of this sub I’d have no idea who I was looking at.

別の発言: “Her lips look tight,” while one replied, “The filler is seeping out she needs to have them dissolved.

They look painful,” on user admitted.

Another confirmed: “… Her lips look so bad from the side. Is that filler migration?!”

There is so much filler that it is moving outside of her actual lips. Filler migration…” one pointed out.


Chelsea has faced backlash from fans who claim she has gone overboard with plastic surgery and fillers.

The mother of four posted a video on Instagram showing herself and her husband in the car.

She focused on her outfit and make-up while saying: “Cole and I have a walk-through with homeowners today.

She went on to talk about the shirt with shoulder pads in it and her new foundation, but that’s not what fans were focused on.

Reddit users claimed Chelsea got more work done and that she is starting to look like another one of her co-stars.

Please tell me shoulder pads aren’t coming back. また, mid-story filter change was a little jarring,” one titled the thread.

Her lips really look weird. She’s so so pretty I hate watching her ruin her face like Farrah did,” a second user wrote, comparing her to her ex-cast mate Farrah Abraham.


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Her lips have zero texture to them. They look really weird,” someone replied to the original comment.

She used to be so naturally pretty. The work she keeps getting done to her face is too muchpretty soon she’s going to be Farrah 2.0,” 別の.

She was in high school when the show premiered

She was in high school when the show premieredクレジット: MTV
Chelsea left Teen Mom in 2020

Chelsea left Teen Mom in 2020クレジット: インスタグラム
She and her husband Cole DeBoer landed a show on HGTV

She and her husband Cole DeBoer landed a show on HGTVクレジット: インスタグラム



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