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Quién era Jodi Huisentruit y qué le pasó?

JODI Huisentruit was a local television news anchor who disappeared from her Mason City, Iowa home in 1995.

Multiple legal and extralegal parties led investigations into Huisentruit’s disappearance proved fruitless and she was declared legally dead in 2001.

Jodi Huisentruit reporting for KIMT-TV in the 1990s

Jodi Huisentruit reporting for KIMT-TV in the 1990sCrédito: A B C

Quién era Jodi Huisentruit y qué le pasó?

Huisentruit was the early morning anchor for KIMT-TV, a news station located a short drive from her Mason City apartment.

She evidently overslept her 3.00am report time and was awoken by a call from her producers.

Huisentruit spoke on the phone with her supervisors and assured them she would rush to the station to do the 6.00am news.

Huisentruit missed her entire news block, at which point the station contacted the police.

Llegando, police found some items belonging to Huisentruit scattered around her unmoved vehicle in the parking lot of her apartment complex.

Investigators quickly deduced that Huisentruit engaged in a struggle on the day of her abduction.

A full timeline of the 1995 kidnapping is posted on

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Was Huisentruit’s abductor apprehended?

The case of Huisentruit’s disappearance has been cold for over 25 años.

No one has been charged in connection with the Huisentruit case.

Michelle Martinko, a teenager that bore a resemblance to Huisentruit, was murdered in Iowa in 1979.

Decades later, DNA acquired through a genealogy research company eventually led investigators to Martinko’s killer, Jerry Burns.

During an interview with police, Burns mentioned Huisentruit without being prompted to, according to reporting done by CBS.

Another convicted felon, Tony Jackson, has been loosely connected to the crime since his 1998 incarceration for multiple rapes he committed in the Midwest.

De acuerdo a ABC Noticias, Jackson maintains that he was not involved in the anchor’s disappearance.

Huisentruit disappeared 26 years ago from her Mason City apartment complex

Huisentruit disappeared 26 years ago from her Mason City apartment complexCrédito: A B C

Are authorities still looking for Huisentruit?

De acuerdo a Noticias CBS, John Vancise, one of the last people to see Huisentruit, was reignited as a person of interest in 2017 when the Mason City PD completed a search warrant of his vehicles.

A 2019 Facebook post from the KIMT News page indicates Vancise’s health is failing and might render him incapable of contributing further.

Huisentruit was the subject of the true crime podcast Up and Vanished.

A television show of the same name was later developed and aired in 2019.

The network television program 20/20 is releasing a two hour special on the Huisentruit case on January 28, 2022.

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