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Watch as Evri driver carelessly hurls packages into the back of van

AN Evri driver has found themselves in hot water after being filmed carelessly lobbing parcels into a van.

The delivery giant has launched a probe into the “onaanvaarbaar” behaviour after the driver was caught on camera in Hall Green, Birmingham.

Footage shows the delivery driver hurling parcels

Footage shows the delivery driver hurling parcelsKrediet: BPM Media
Evri is investigating the 'unacceptable' incident

Evri is investigating the ‘unacceptable’ voorvalKrediet: BPM Media

Footage, taken on Monday, shows the driver flinging the packages one by one into the back of a white van at a collection point in Lakey Lane.

The companyformerly named Hermeshas vowed totake necessary action”.

'N Woordvoerder het gesê: “We have launched an immediate investigation.

This type of behaviour is entirely unacceptable and we will take the necessary action.

It comes after a delivery driver was spotted kicking a parcel into a customer’s house.

Georgia Mason ordered some clothes to be delivered to her home in Sheffieldbut was left furious when they arrived in an unexpected way.

What would usually be a knock and a photo taken of the parcel being received by the customer, was actually a right-footed booting into the front door.

The courier, who wasn’t wearing anything to make it clear which delivery company he worked for, appeared to record himself drop-kicking the large parcel.

Intussen, a DPD driver launcheda customer’s PlayStation 5 and £350 fan over their 6ft fence.

The shopper watched in horror as their brand new items were thrown over the back gatereportedly without the courier trying the front doorbell first.