ブリテンズ・ゴット・タレントのファンは「うまくいく」’ 「手がかり」を見つけた後の魔女の正体’

BRITAIN’S Got Talent fans haveworked outthe identity of the terrifying character the Witch after spotting a “手がかり”.

The Witch had fans at home quivering once again after making a return to BGT spin-off show 究極の魔術師.

Fans have been speculating the identity of The Witch

Fans have been speculating the identity of The Witchクレジット: ITV
Fans think that Stephen could be behind the prosthetic make-up

Fans think that Stephen could be behind the prosthetic make-upクレジット: ITV

The Ultimate Magician saw the best magicians from around the world compete for a whopping £50,000 prize in front of a live audience.

Mysterious character The Witch finished in third place on the programme, after rising to fame on BGT earlier this year.

しかしながら – with the identity of the spooky character still under wrapsfans quickly got guessing who was behind the make-up.

Some viewers were certain they had worked it out after noticing a “手がかり” that it could be a very famous face.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that while host Stephen Mulhern interviewed all the other hopefuls, he skipped out on The Witch.

Is The Witch Stephen Mulhern and that’s why there’s no interview?” 1つは書いた, pointing out they were never on stage together.

The creepy crone has been dubbed the seriesscariest act ever after stalking the panel handing out applesone of which exploded in a shower of cockroaches and mealworms.

When it came to judge アマンダ the witch held her wrist in one hand and a gnarled stick in the other, leaving her shaking.

Many have speculated the witch is magician and show co-host, スティーブン, thanks to his magic skills.

Some have speculated actor Ian Bartholomew, who played abuser Geoff Metcalfe on the cobbles, could be behind the act.

Others have speculated that magician Marc Spellman is behind the ward-ridden characterdespite also taking part in the show.

今年の初め, Stephen dropped a huge hint that he is the freaky Witch from Britain’s Got Talent.

The magic-loving star brought up rumours that he is behind the creepy character, who mystified audiences again last night.

スティーブン tweeted a picture of him sitting in make-up alongside the Witch, who is a performer caked in prosthetics.

彼が書きました: “Everyone keeps asking if I’m the Witch from @BGT! 彼女が私に化粧をする前に、@lisaAmakeupに私がどのように見えるか尋ねたいと思うかもしれません!”

However one fan insisted: “The Witch is not you they’ve brown eyes yours are blue.