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1000s più immigrati da far entrare nel Regno Unito come Truss per facilitare le regole sui lavoratori stranieri

MANY thousands more immigrants will be let into Britain under Liz Truss’ dash for growth plans.

The PM and Home Office are planning to massively liberalise routes to allow foreign workers to move to the UK.

Thousands more immigrants are to be let into Britain as Liz Truss plans to ease rules on foreign workers

Thousands more immigrants are to be let into Britain as Liz Truss plans to ease rules on foreign workersCredito: AFP

They are expected to extend the number of jobs on the list of shortage occupationsmaking it easier for foreigners in these roles to come here.

The seasonal workers scheme which lets fruit pickers come to Britain is expected to be expanded.

The current cap of 40,000 is expected to be lifted and the six month time limit extended.

Businesses across Britain have been struggling with a massive labour shortage da Covid.

Pubs and restaurants have slashed hours and even closed down because they have not been able to recruit.

UK Hospitality say record staff shortages are costing the industry £21billion in lost business and £5bn in lost tax.

A Downing Street source said: “We need to put measures in place so that we have the right skills that the economy, including the rural economy, needs to stimulate growth.

“That will involve increasing numbers in some areas and decreasing in others.

“As the Prime Minister has made clear, we also want to see people who are economically inactive get back into work.”

The changes, expected to be announced within weeks, are part of a radical shake-up of the economy by Liz and her team.

The new PM is adopting an “always growth” approach to all policy making.

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Ministers want to ensure that highly skilled workers are given the priority.

Sources close to Home Secretary Suella Braverman said she is still keen to “bring the overall immigration figures down.”