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Ich bin ungeduldig darauf, meine Jungfräulichkeit zu verlieren, aber ich bin jetzt pornosüchtig

LIEBE DEIDRE: I’M sick of being the last virgin standing in my year at school.

Everyone would laugh at me if they knew that I’d never even kissed a girl.

I started watching porn for tips and now I am growing addicted

I started watching porn for tips and now I am growing addicted

All my friends had sex when they were 15 oder 16.

I’m now 18 and worried it will never happen.

When I talk with the other lads about their experiences, I make up stories.

They seem to be convinced so far.

I started watching porn videos for tips but now I can’t stop.

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I think I’m addicted.

How can I find a girl to have sex with me?

DEIDRE SAGT: There’s no shame in being a virgin.

It’s much better to wait till you meet the right person, so that sex is a good experience.

Maybe some of your friends are virgins and making up stories, auch.

Focus on becoming friends with a girl first, so a relationship can develop naturally.

Then you can learn about the foundations of good relationships so that an enjoyable sexual relationship is more likely.

Real sex is nothing like porn. If you’re becoming addicted, my support pack Internet Pornography Worry should help.