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El apoyo a la independencia de Escocia se desploma desde la muerte de la reina

SUPPORT for Scottish independence has plummeted since the Queen died, The Sun on Sunday can reveal.

In an exclusive poll, we found a seven per cent drop in those wanting a breakaway.

The survey comes ten days after the Queen died at Balmoral

The survey comes ten days after the Queen died at BalmoralCrédito: Pensilvania

Sólo 42 per cent of Scots would vote for independence if there was a referendum tomorrow, compared to one poll last month that found 49 per cent were in favour of a vote.

The survey comes ten days after la reina fallecido a Balmoral in the Highlands and lay in state in the Scottish capital Edimburgo.

Royal historian Richard Fitzwilliams dicho: “For the Queen to pass away peacefully in her beloved Balmoral was a fitting end.

It is a comfort to all of us that she spent her final days in the place that brought her so much happiness. But more significantly, it was a fitting final act of unionism for a monarch who cherished the UK.”

The Deltapoll survey also reveals that there had been a groundswell of support behind King Charles.

Two in five believe he will be a good king for Escocia comparado con solo 15 per cent who think he will be a bad monarch.

Almost a third of Scots, 28 por ciento, think the Queen’s death has strengthened the Union, while just 18 per cent believe it has weakened ties.

And Prime Minister Liz braguero will be relieved to hear that in our poll of 659 Scottish adults the majority – 55 per cent – are not in favour of a fresh referendum on independence.

Close to two thirds of respondents in our poll, 57 por ciento, said they expect to watch the Queen’s funeral en lunes.

Un más 62 per cent were upset or moved by her passing.

Tory MP Andrew Bowie, whose constituency includes Balmoral, dicho: “What this last week has shown us is that there is far more that unites us than divides us as a nation.

“The entire country has been together in our respect and grief for the late Queen.”