私は子供が大好きですが、私は不妊であると心配しています – 卵を凍らせるのは高すぎる

親愛なるDEIDRE: I WANT to have my eggs frozen but it’s so expensive to do it privately.

私は 36 and had to have both fallopian tubes removed.

I would love to have kids in the future but I worry I may be infertile

I would love to have kids in the future but I worry I may be infertile




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Only one of my ovaries works properly and I’m worried I’ll never be a mum.

I’m not ready to have children yet but in a couple of years I’d love to get pregnant.

Because I’m not officially infertile, I haven’t been offered anything.

I have been married for five years and worry about letting my husband down.

DEIDRESAYS: This is one of those “postcode lottery” decisions depending on your clinical commissioning group and what funding they have.

見る As you have a medical condition, you stand a good chance.

Ask for a referral to your specialist and find further support through the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (

But bear in mind the chances of having a healthy pregnancy fall the older you become.

It may be best to look at fertility treatment sooner rather than later.

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