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I’m A Celeb fans all say the same thing as Matt Hancock suffers nasty injury

FANS of I’m A CelebrityGet Me Out Of Here were left stunned as Matt Hancock suffered a nasty injury before his fifth trial tonight.

The former Health Secretary revealed he had been stung by a critter before heading to the trial clearing to face the House Of Horrors.

Matt was stung by a scorpion on tonight's show

Matt was stung by a scorpion on tonight’s showCrédit: ITV
The tiny scorpion was found on Matt's clothes

The tiny scorpion was found on Matt’s clothesCrédit: ITV

MP Mat, 44, who was seen taking part in his FIFTH Bushtucker trial in a row tonight, struggled through the pain after a scorpion sting.

The politician was seengetting dizzyafter being stung by the insect in the camp, yelling out in pain and worrying his campmates.

Ow, that really hurts! I’ve got no splinter, that really hurts, I must have been bitten by something,” Matt could be heard saying.

“Wow, look at that, a scorpion, I’ve been stung by a scorpion,” il a continué, as his fellow celebrities rushed to help him.

Mat, who his co-stars saidlooked like he wanted to cry”, told the Bush Telegraph: “It was so painful… it hurts a lot and I’m feeling slightly dizzy. It’s like two times a bee sting.

But there was no time for Matt to restas he was soon whisked off for his latest trial, the House of Horrors.

He told Ant and Dec ahead of the trial: “I’ve had quite a full on morning as I got stung by a scorpion. It was unbelievably painful.”

“It was really painfulit still hurts! But they say the smaller scorpions they just hurt, they don’t kill you.”

Fans at home couldn’t believe Matt’s horror injury, and took to Twitter to react with shockand a little bit of joy.

On a écrit: “Even the scorpions don’t like Matt Hancock,” as a second agreed: “How ironic it would’ve been if the scorpion that bit Matt Hancock was poisonous!”

Un autre a dit: “Stung by a SCORPION? Even the bugs don’t like him.

Un troisième est intervenu: “Obsessed with the scorpion who stung Matt Hancock. Hilarious.

While a fourth concluded: “Matt getting stung by a scorpion, ha!”

It comes after we exclusively revealed how Matt was rushed to see a medic after he was stung by a venomous scorpion in the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! camp.

Members of the ITV crew managed to find the scorpion and safely remove it from the camp before it made its way to the other celebrities, Le soleil peut révéler.

Un initié de la télévision a déclaré: “Matt was in agony and described how it was twice as painful as a bee sting. Luckily Matt is absolutely fine but it was still a nasty sting.

“These scorpions are seen throughout the jungle and the celebrities have been warned to keep an eye out to avoid painful stings.”

Ailleurs, his fellow campmate Babatunde Aléshé, 36, asked Matt how he was feeling following the gruesome sting when it was announced the MP would be taking on another trial.

Speaking at the end of last night’s show, the comedian said: “Do you know what Matt? You are the man, you are the man!

“Four trials and you got stung by a scorpion and you have to go do a trial.”