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David Seaman von Masked Dancer enthüllt die Wahrheit hinter der schlimmen Verletzung, die Frau Frankie aus der Show geworfen hat

MASKED Dancer’s David Seaman has revealed the truth behind the nasty injury that knocked wife Frankie out of the show.

Saturday’s instalment of the ITV programme saw the married couple reveal themselves as Pillar and Post.

The Masked Dancer’s David Seaman has opened up about his Frankie's injury that meant they had to pull out of the show

The Masked Dancer’s David Seaman has opened up about his Frankie’s injury that meant they had to pull out of the showAnerkennung: PA:Presseverband
The married couple took part in this year's series of the show

The married couple took part in this year’s series of the showAnerkennung: ITV

They were forced to withdraw from the Masked Dancer after Frankie injured her ankle during rehearsals.

David opened up about what happened on a recent episode of his Seaman Says podcast.

Er sagte: “It was a sad way to go out. It was so weird.

We’d just done a full rehearsal in the studio at the side, and we were walking over to the actual main studio and because we’ve got all the visors on and everything you can hardly see anything.

I was holding onto Frankie and she just rolled her ankle in a pothole in the car park.

When she first went down I was like, ‘Oh what’s happened there,’ and then thought she would get up in a minute. Aber nein, she didn’t.

They took her straight to hospital and had it all X-rayed. Luckily nothing was broken, but she’d really turned it over.

She could take the hat off once she was in, but she was all dressed in black.

They made her take her hoodie off, the one that says ‘don’t speak to me’, and she had to put a non-branded one on.

All the nurses clocked Frankie straight away and they all thought she was doing a skating programme and they went along with that.

It comes just a day after Frankie broke her silence following on from her show shock exit.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun about her injury, Frankie said: “The injury was about three and a half months ago that we filmed the show.

It’s feeling a lot better now, almost back to full strength.