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Ich habe mir meine Augen schwarz tätowieren lassen – Ich liebe den Schmerz, eingefärbt zu werden

A BODY modification fanatic with entirely black eyeballs and a split tongue has revealed she’saddictedto the pain.

Anu Karki, 25, a tattoo artist from Nepal, South Asia, is known online asemo punkdue to her controversial body modifications including inked eyeballs.

Anu Karki with inked eyeballs and a split tongue

Anu Karki with inked eyeballs and a split tongueAnerkennung: Jam Press/@emopunk8
Anu before all of the body modifications

Anu before all of the body modificationsAnerkennung: Jam Press/@emopunk8

und es zu machen war organisch und hat Spaß gemacht, she recalls being “besessen” with body modifications and piercings – having first been pierced at 15.

Seit damals, she’s had her tongue split, various stretchers (Tunnel) and her favourite modification – getting her eyeballs inked completely black.

I fall in love with my eyes every time I see them and I’m the first girl in Nepal to have this – I feel so proud,” Anu told NeedToKnow.Online.

The most painful body modification for me was my split tongue, as I felt sick for at least a week.

I have no idea how much I’ve spent on tattoos because I have my own studio, so I don’t pay for these now.

I gave myself my first tattoo about five years ago and a modification about five months ago.

Anu claims she’s spent 365,000 Nepalese Rupee (£2,386) on her various transformations and hopes to have her entire body tattooed and modified.

Sie sagte: “My next body modification will be a tongue tattoo, but this will take some time.

My dream body modification is horn implants and making my ears pointy, as well as getting a hook, but let’s see.

I get a lot of positive and negative reactions, as our culture is different for most girls.

Society loves a girl with decent clothes, who can become a nice housewife but I don’t like these people who judge.

They think tattoos, modifications and piercings are done by people who take drugs and they don’t understand it’s an addiction getting inked to the pain.

If they hate or like what I do, I still will do what I want to my body and I won’t regret any of this.

Anu regularly shares her work and modifications on TikTok, with one clip racking up 45,000 views and over one thousand likes.

Im Clip, she shows off her split tongue, before zooming into her eyes – one of which is entirely black.

Anu added: “I hope people will understand that I’m independent and have so many responsibilities.

I love myself and I won’t let them hurt my feelings.

I’m proud of who I am.

She says she is addicted to the pain

She says she is addicted to the painAnerkennung: Jam Press/@emopunk8