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All'interno delle incredibili location delle riprese utilizzate per le Shetland della BBC

SHETLAND is heading back to the BBC for another series of murder and mystery.

But some fans of the show often wonder where the hit BBC One show is filmed.

Where is Shetland filmed?

Quando il BBC serie Shetland first hit TV screens in 2013 viewers were as impressed by the scenery as the incredible storyline.

Despite the story largely taking place on the Shetland Islands, some of the filming is done on the Scottish mainland.

The exterior shots tend to be filmed on the Shetland islands.

But some exterior shots are filmed in Glasgow.

 Shetland is filmed in Scotland

Shetland is filmed in ScotlandCredito: BBC

Which parts of Shetland were used?

In previous series the cast were spotted filming in Lerwick, the capital of the Shetland Islands and the only town in the entire Isles.

Shooting took place in the Lodberries area, and in particular on Commercial Street, according to the Shetland Times.

Cameras also turned on Wester Quarff, a small village five miles south of Lerwick.

Which parts of mainland Scotland feature?

Nel passato, the film crew have used Renfrewshire in the Scottish Lowlands, Irvine Beach in North Ayrshire, Ayr on the west coast of Ayrshire, and Barrhead, a town near Glasgow.

Douglas Henshall revealed in an interview with the Daily Record: “My character’s house is actually in Kilbarchan (Renfrewshire), the interior of a couple of crofts are here (Irvine, Ayrshire) and the police station is in Barrhead (near Paisley).

There’s a fish factory where a lot of the story happens, pure, and that’s in Ayr.”

Ha aggiunto: “We’ve found some places that pass as Shetland. Avoiding trees, mainly, but with similar landscapes.

Where are the Shetland Islands?

Some of the murder mystery is filmed on location on the Scottish archipelagothe name for an extensive group of islands.

The Shetlands Isles are made up of more than a hundred islands, 15 of which are uninhabited, and it has a population of just 22,000.

While the islands are technically part of Scozia, they are 80km to the northeast of Orkney on the mainland and are actually closer to Norway than Great Britain.

The Mainland is the largest island, with Unst, Yell and Fetlar following close behind.

Where is the police station in Shetland?

The police station, also a central location in the series, is filmed in two places.

The real police station in Lerwick provides the exterior shots.

But the interior scenes are filmed on a set in Glasgow.

When does Shetland start on BBC One?

Shetland makes an explosive return to TV on August, 10 2022.

You can catch all of the action from 9pm on BBC One.

After this episodes will air weekly at the same time.

You can also catch up with episodes on the BBC iPlayer.