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9 Isolare gli attivisti della Gran Bretagna JAILED & condannato a pagare £ 91k per il blocco di M25

NINE Insulate Britain activists have been JAILED and ordered to pay £91,000 after flouting a ban on blocking the M25.

Two eco-zealots were handed three month sentences, while six were imprisoned for four months after admitting they defiantly blocked motorway traffic on October 8.

Nine Insulate Britain activists have been JAILED

Nine Insulate Britain activists have been JAILEDCredito: Alamy
Insulate Britain activist Louis McKechnie walks into The High Court for sentencing

Insulate Britain activist Louis McKechnie walks into The High Court for sentencingCredito: LNP

The ninth activist Ben Taylor was handed six months after he vowed to keep blocking the motorway if he wasn’t jailed.

He told the High Court this week: “I will go and block the motorway at the earliest opportunity and will continue to do so until the Government makes a meaningful statement and acts on it.

Ben Buse, 36, Ana Heyatawin, 58, Louis McKechnie, 20, Roman Paluch, 28, Oliver Roc, 41, Emma Smart, 44, Tim Speers, 36, James Thomas, 47, and Mr Taylor were seen glumly walking into London’s High Court this morning.

They all previously stood by their protest, which caused chaos for hard-working commuters last month.

During their appearance today, family and friends shouted “ti amo” as the group were carted away to their cells to begin their sentence.

Chants ofwe are unstoppable, another world is possiblerang out through the courtuntil the judge put a stop to it.

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