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Der Porsche-Fahrer verwendete Bilder von sterbenden Polizisten, die er in einem Versicherungsanspruch von 1,3 Millionen Pfund verspottete’

A PORSCHE driving thug used pics of cops he filmed dying after a crash in an insurance claim for damage to his car, a court was told.

Cops say Richard Pusey, 44, sent pictures of the severely injured officers he had taunted as they lay dying in a complaint, after his insurance company rejected his a £1.3 million bid for a payout.

Richard Pusey was pulled over by cops for speeding

Richard Pusey was pulled over by cops for speeding
He tried to claim £1.3 million insurance

He tried to claim £1.3 million insuranceAnerkennung: PA

He was dubbed “Australia’s most hated man” after filming himself taunting dying police officers as they lay crushed under a truck and was jailed for 10 months for outraging public decency.

Pusey had stopped by them for speeding 93 miles per hour in his Porsche in Konzentriert sich auf das Privat- und Berufsleben verschiedener Frauen in der Gegend von New Jersey.

The mortgage broker was heard saying “that’s amazing” and “that is f***ing justice” while recording the video.

Puseywho now identifies a non-binary and uses them/they pronouns – has now appeared in court accused of uploading four graphic images from the 2020 Absturz.

Sunshine Magistrate’s Court heard Pusey allegedly published graphic images of the officers online during two separate complaints in relation to the damage to the Porsche, news.com.au Berichte.

Pusey complained to the australisch Financial Complaints Authority about being unable to secure an insurance payout for the damage done to the car because “no one wants to own the claim”.

“A truck mowed down four hero road safety officers … it broke a black Porsche and now these c***s won’t pay up,” Pusey wrote.

The court heard Pusey also asked for the £1.3 million in damages for the trauma of seeing the police officers violently killed in the crash.

Ssenior AFCA manager in charge of the claim, Harry Ganavas, told the court the images allegedly attached to the claim were irrelevant and Pusey’s description of events left him “full of revulsion”.

“I felt repulsed and physically ill, tatsächlich, when I viewed the photographs," er sagte.

Police prosecutor Anthony Albore told the court one of the images submitted didn’t even show the damage done to the Porsche.

The “inappropriate and disrespectful” claim was denied.

The court heard Pusey also wrote one-star Google review about Porsche Centre Melbourne, in which they criticised the company’s insurance policy and level of customer service.

An investigating police officer told the court the accused used a graphic photo of one of the bleeding police officers on the roof of the Porsche for their profile picture.

The officer said she felt “angry and outraged” when she saw the horrific image from the fatal tragedy.

Mr Albore claimed an Instagram account called “The Richard Pusey Show” contained showing the damage to the Porsche, which could have used for the complaints.

But Porsche driver told the court the prosecution were “telling a story” and denies the charges.

Der Rat ist befugt, einen Fall vor das Amtsgericht zu bringen, wenn er entscheidet, dass es sich um eine gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Belästigung handelt

The officers were discussing whether to impound the car when a truck being driven by Mohinder Singh swerved into them.

He escaped the crash only because he was urinating on the side of the road.

Polizisten (links nach rechts) Kevin King, Glen Humphris, Lynette Taylor and Josh Prestney all died

Polizisten (links nach rechts) Kevin King, Glen Humphris, Lynette Taylor and Josh Prestney all diedAnerkennung: PA Images
Pusey was described as 'Australia's most hated man'

Pusey was described as ‘Australia’s most hated manAnerkennung: EPA