IF you consider yourself highly intelligent, this quiz was created to confirm or quash your feelings.

The 25-question test was created by US-based quiz enthusiast Michael Rogers for Playbuzz.

You can test your IQ with comprehensive math questions on PlayBuzz

You can test your IQ with comprehensive math questions on PlayBuzz

And according to the quiz maker, only people with superior intelligence can solve questions in this IQ test.

Rogers claims that thisunique IQ test was designed to test people with superior IQ.

The quiz appears to test your intelligence with comprehensive math questions.

Those with “superior intelligence” should be able to ace all 25 of the questions.

The first question on the test is: “What comes next in the series: 24, 23, 21, 18, 14, —”

And it’s up to you to decide what number comes next.


ショーのボスが作るようにミーナのエマーデールの没落が明らかに 17 啓示


ショーのボスが作るようにミーナのエマーデールの没落が明らかに 17 啓示

Do you think you can ace the test? 見てみな, ここに.

At the end of the IQ Test, users can answer the following question: “How much did you like this quiz?”

から 457 投票, 41 percent said theyloved it,” 41 percent said it was “わかった,” そして 18 パーセント “didn’t like it.

How do IQ tests work?

IQ, which is short of Intelligence Quotient, is a way of measuring a person’s intelligence and mental comprehension.

An IQ test can work out exactly what a person’s intelligence is, by using a series of mental exercises to measure their mental agility.

The test usually has two partsverbal and performanceand cannot be faked as you either have the ability to answer the questions or you don’t.

しかしながら, some argue that IQ tests are not an accurate way of measuring a person’s ability and that the test isfundamentally flawed.

We give three couples an IQ test to see which gender is the smartest



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