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I was on Love Island and this is what it’s like to audition to join the villa

LOVE Island star Coco Lodge has revealed what it’s like to audition for the ITV2 showshowing off her casting tape on YouTube.

The reality TV bombshell revealed that she submitted a tape for producers to look at before appearing as a Casa Amor contestant.

Coco revealed her Love Island audition tape on YouTube

Coco revealed her Love Island audition tape on YouTubeCredito: YOUTUBE
The star admitted she was "tossico" in the one-minute-long video

The star admitted she was “tossico” in the one-minute-long video

Isola dell'amore stella Coco, 27, took to Instagram to reveal she was posting her audition tape to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the show.

The minute-long clip saw her explaining who she was, including what she did for a living and why she’d be good for the show.

“Ciao, I’m Coco and I’m from Surrey,” she could be heard saying. “I’m a freelance graphics designer and I also own a clothing brand.

I need somebody’s help to filter out all the bulls*** men, I want to get married young, my biological clock is like ding, ding, ding, I need to be pregnant right now.

I want four children and then once they’ve grown up I want to foster but all the guys I meet just use me for sex, and I’m just in and out of situationships.

Just someone who wants to commit to me! I want love.

Lei ha continuato: “It doesn’t really grow on mefeelings. Like if I’m instantly attracted to someone I’m instantly obsessed with them, like FBI style stalking their whole life.

No filter, I’m a little bit toxicBritney Spears has got nothing on me. Super extra and needs to be centre of attention.

Nel frattempo, clips showed Coco going about her daily lifeincluding working out in the gym, at dance classes and on night’s out.

Coco concluded by revealing that the application was still required even though she gotscoutedby producers for the show.

Viene dopo Coco revealed she broke down in tears following her row with Summer Botwe during the reunion show.

The Sun told how the full argument was cut after a series of shocking comments were made and producers were forced to step in.

Coco, who entered the villa during Casa Amor, has now revealed what happened during the explosive meeting.

Lei disse lo specchio: “I didn’t walk off. The executive producers came up to me and were like, ‘do you want to come with us and we can talk about it’, because I was upset.

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“I’m a crier and so, if I get in an argument, I will cry after. I don’t like being ganged up on and some comments were nasty that she said.

Coco added: “I just sat with them for the first half and then the next break went back in, because I didn’t want to miss the reunion. I think they were just checking if I was okay. Così, I didn’t storm off, they actually took me out to check I was okay.”