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Les fans de Love Island « comprennent » pourquoi Josh a largué Danica si rapidement

LOVE Island fans are convinced they know why Josh Le Grove was so quick to dump Danica Taylor in the wake of Casa Amor.

Viewers reckon Josh actually has his eye on Summer Botwe, who now finds herself single after Damien Hope went crawling back to Indiya Polak.

Josh Le Gove has 'friend-zoned' Dania Taylor

Josh Le Gove has ‘friend-zonedDania TaylorCrédit: Érotème
Love Island fans think they know why he has dumped the dancer

Love Island fans think they know why he has dumped the dancerCrédit: Érotème
Viewers believe he fancies Summer Botwe

Viewers believe he fancies Summer BotweCrédit: Érotème

Dami had recoupled with bombshell Summer during Casa week but has now done a U-turn with Indiyah after the original girls and boys reunited.

This has left Summer singleleaving the door open for Josh, who has now ‘friend-zonedDanica after she brought him back from Casa.

Prendre sur Twitter, Île de l'amour fans have been quick to share their thoughts on the situation.

L'un a dit: “Josh was never interested in Danica tbh and my prediction is him moving to Summer to secure a spot.


Love Island's feared Movie Night will return with Adam Collard as host say fans


La soirée cinéma redoutée de Love Island reviendra avec Adam Collard, comme l'annoncent les fans

Un second a écrit: “Josh wants to crack with Summer. That’s the only reason he’s cutting off Danica.

Another mused: “Tell me Josh is going to get his Summer started now he’s pied Danica off.

And a fourth said: “Feels like josh is friend zoning Danica now that he knows Summer is free.

In Monday night’s episode of Île de l'amour, the girls were treated to the arrival of a new bombshell, former Islander et compte bancaire.

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Adam starred in the 2018 series of the ITV2 reality show and ended up dating his on-screen girlfriend, Zara McDermott, for eight months.

The Geordie hunk wasted no time getting to know the girls, grabbing them for chats while the boys were away at a pamper day.

Unlucky-in-love Danica was so thrilled to see him walk through the villa doors that she cartwheeled across the garden.

Laughing at the scenes, one viewer tweeted: “Ngl why was Danica doing cartwheel when Paige was reading out the text about Adam?!”

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Woman splits opinion after refusing to pay for anything on friend’s family holiday

Un autre a plaisanté: “Danica looking like she’s celebrating a hat trick with Adam coming in, rejection does not phase this girl at all.

And desperate for the professional dancer to have a bit of luck in the villa, a third fan even wrote: “If Adam rejects Danica, I’ll go into the villa and take her out myself.

Ex Islander Adam Collard has entered the villa

Ex Islander Adam Collard has entered the villaCrédit: Érotème
Le 2018 contestant has been quick getting to know the girls

Le 2018 contestant has been quick getting to know the girlsCrédit: Érotème