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Love Island star reveals surprising new job after HUGE career change

LOVE Island’s Jake Cornish has been a water engineer and a reality TV starbut he’s now got a brand-new job.

The 25-year-old, famous for quitting the villa with Liberty Poole, is reinventing himself as the king of rattan furniture.

Love Island's Jake Cornish was a star on the show with Liberty Poole

Love Island’s Jake Cornish was a star on the show with Liberty PooleKrediet: Rex
The star recently told fans he is a rattan furniture mogul

The star recently told fans he is a rattan furniture mogulKrediet: Instagram/jakecornish7

Jake is creative director atthe UK’s largest range of luxurious outdoor furniture, sofas and rugs”.

He shared a picture of himself on a plush sofa in the middle of a vast warehouse, asking followers he now wished to be known asJakey The Rattan Man”.

He explained he’d been working on the enterprise and putting together deals, skryfwerk: “PINCH ME MOMENT ?.

So then, for months I’ve been working really hard on a business which I absolutely am over whelmed I’ve managed to achieve with hundreds of stock to keep you guys going.

Long hard days, stress, few bumps in the road but finally we are here and ready to kit out your homes for you ?.

Loads and loads of deals I’ve laid on for you guys for this weekend ONLY. Any product your unsure of or sizing ect please message @therattanman.

Jake and Liberty quit the Love Island villa with just three days until the final in one of the show’s biggest ever shocks last year.

He later revealed she had decided to end things, telling The Sun: “One minute we were planning a holiday together and arranging to meet each other’s families, the next it was over.

“I was devastated, I couldn’t think straight. My family was asking how my mental health was.

Something made her decide that we weren’t right for each other and I had to take it on the chin.”

He added that he got in touch when she appeared on another reality show.

Jake explained: “When it was announced she was on Dans Op Ys I sent her a message saying, ‘Well done Lib’.

“Sy antwoord, ‘Thank you’ and that is the last time I spoke to her.