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Love Island fans shocked by Faye, Liam and other starsreal ages insisting Islanders are acting MUCH younger

LOVE Island fans have been left shocked after learning the stars’ idades – claiming that this year’s cast are acting MUCH younger.

O 2021 series kicked off back in June, and it has been so long since many of the faces made their debut that viewers have forgotten some of the finer details.

Faye is 26 anos - which has surprised fans

Faye is 26 anos – which has surprised fansCrédito: Eroteme
enquanto isso, Liam is 21

enquanto isso, Liam is 21Crédito: Eroteme

Hot-tempered Faye é 26 anos, as are Kaz, and Tylerwhile Chloe is 25, and Jake and Millie 24.

Taking to social media, fans have claimed that they are stunned to learn so many of this year’s stars are in their mid to late 20s, insisting that they don’t act their age.

On the other end of the spectrum, Liberty and Liam are only 21, and Toby and Mary 22 – with viewers previously sharing their shock at how much older than their years some lookparticularly Liam.

Expressing disbelief after being reminded of her age, one fan tweeted: “Faye is actually too old to be like that.

Outro adicionado: “Are we sure Faye is 26? She doesn’t deal with conflict like a 26 quanto menos feliz você é”

While one gasped: “Liam doesn’t even talk like a 21 year old, this is a grown manI don’t care.

Outro escreveu: “Liberty is still very young. I keep forgetting she’s only 21 so maybe this is a very new experience for her and she doesn’t know how to deal with guys like Jake.

Despite their surprising ages, tonight’s instalment of Ilha do amor is set to be filled with even more dramawith Faye kicking off once again.

She will confront her fellow Islanders for nominating her and Teddy asleast compatible couple” – and Jake is in for a particularly rough ride.

Em outro lugar, Aaron and Mary target Kaz and Tyler for nominating them, triggering a screaming match across the garden.

They may not act their age, but these Islanders at least make fantastic entertainment.

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