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Apple rimuove silenziosamente nuove funzionalità da milioni di iPhone dopo i problemi segnalati

A NEW feature on one of Apple’s biggest apps has mysteriously disappeared after users complained of problems.

Il i phone maker recently introduced a new Home app architecture which is designed to make everything perform better.

Home app is for all your smart devices

Home app is for all your smart devicesCredito: Mela

The Home app is Apple’s tool for controlling all your smart home gadgets under one roof.

To feel the benefits, all devices within Home have to be updated to the latest version.

But people who’ve tried to do have apparently been hit by issues, secondo MacRumors.

Among them is kit stuck sayingupdating” o “configuring”.

Others claim HomeKit devices have disappeared entirely.

Invites for people to control your stuff are said to be failing too.

This s**t kicked all my family members out of my Home and I’m having problem re-adding them back,” one user said on Reddit.

Since the complaints, the upgrade has mysteriously gone.

But not everyone is having the same problem.

Same people say they upgraded just fine.

It was an optional process you had to get from the Software Update part of the Home Settings yourself.

So anyone hoping to upgrade will have to wait until Apple reinstates it.

Those who already have it set upwithout problemsshould be able to continue as normal.

The changes to Home were introduced with iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2, and macOS Ventura 13.1.

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