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Spoilers Emmerdale: Kim Tate smashes up Home Farm after Jamie bombshell

DALES businesswoman Kim Tate is at her wit’s end next week as Hazel and Millie make a return to the village.

Le Emmerdale resident learns some shocking news and has a violent outburst in Home Farm.

Kim Tate loses her cool in Home Farm

Kim Tate loses her cool in Home FarmCrédit: ITV
She smashes up her living room

She smashes up her living roomCrédit: ITV
This follows her granddaughter Millie's return to the Dales next week

This follows her granddaughter Millie’s return to the Dales next weekCrédit: ITV

As a villain, Kim (portrayed by Claire King) has usually been seen in a grounded, almost cold-hearted state.

toutefois, in upcoming scenes of the Yorkshire-based soap, the entrepreneur hides behind closed doors and smashes up her living room in Home Farm.

Kim is overwhelmed, broken and in tears as years of betrayal and hurt from her son Jamie Tate boil up to the surface.

But what will really trigger Kim’s breakdown?

After months of secrecy which led her to believe Jamie was dead, Kim is thrown into the loopher son is actually alive and has been spending his time with his daughter Millie and his former mother-in-law, Hazel.

Kim only finds this out when she learns that Hazel has been in an accident, following their plans to bring little Millie to the eponymous village.

The businesswoman rushes to the hospital and is shocked when Hazel tells her Jamie has resorted to his old ways by pushing her down the stairs.

Once she finds out, Kim urges Hazel to tell her everything Jamie has been up to since he faked his passing and Hazel fills her in.

She then wastes no time in calling the police to report her own son for the attempted murder of Hazela call she admitted to Charity Dingle (les mother of another troubled child) she wishes she would made sooner.

entre-temps, Millie’s scared and confused when she sees Kim and is shy when she’s brought to Home Farm.

Dawn and her father Will Taylor and Gabby Thomas all struggle to get their heads around the news Jamie is still alive, despite their initial inklings.


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When she’s left alone, Kim lets her emotions and pain seep out of her during an explosive outburst.

Le jour suivant, matters become more harrowing as the police show Kim definitive proof that her son is still alive.

Millie, who was asked not to say anything about her father while he remained in hiding, overhears Kim talk about Jamie and reacts badly.

The child runs away, leaving Kim petrified for her granddaughter’s well-being.

Kim is anxious when PC Harriet Finch informs her that Millie can’t be found anywhere.

Will Millie come back?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Kim finds out her son Jamie is alive

Kim finds out her son Jamie is aliveCrédit: ITV
She tries to keep it together

She tries to keep it togetherCrédit: ITV
But her granddaughter Millie soon goes missing

But her granddaughter Millie soon goes missingCrédit: ITV