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Seven jaw-dropping EastEnders spoilers as Dot Branning gets a final farewell

ALBERT Square icon Dot Branning passed away off-screen and will get the send-off she deserves this week.

إيست إندرس bosses agreed to celebrate the late ألاردايس المرتبط بعودة الصدمة في بيرنلي لديه مشجعون في حالة من الانهيار by airing funeral scenes. But there’s more drama ahead.

Dot's loved ones gather around this week for her funeral

Dot’s loved ones gather around this week for her funeralالإئتمان: بي بي سي
The scenes are a tribute to the late June Brown

The scenes are a tribute to the late June Brownالإئتمان: بي بي سي
The actress died earlier this year

The actress died earlier this yearالإئتمان: بي بي سي
Bosses have teased twists and returns

Bosses have teased twists and returnsالإئتمان: بي بي سي

1. Dot’s funeral takes place

Dot moved away from the Square in emotional scenes aired in 2020 and hadn’t been seen ever since.

Sonia Fowler (لعبت من قبل ناتالي كاسيدي) was eventually told the shocking news her step-grandmother had died.

This week on بي بي سي وان, it’s the morning of Dot’s funeral, which Sonia has struggled to organise.

To make matters worse, she has failed to write Dot’s eulogy.

Lauren Branning (Jacqueline Jossa) makes her return, joining Ricky, Jack and Sonia as they reminisce about Dotand the latter admits she has writer’s block.

In an attempt to get inspiration, Sonia uses Dot’s spare key to the launderette to let herself in and her former husband Martin (جيمس باي) finds her there.

He comforts an inconsolable Sonia over the unwritten eulogy and says she should speak from her heart.

في مشاهد لاحقة, Dot Branning’s funeral begins and Albert Square residents line the streets to say goodbye.

Sonia and the rest of Dot’s family are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love for the late matriarch as she leaves the Square for the last time.

Colin returns to Walford

Colin returns to Walfordالإئتمان: بي بي سي

2. Colin and Barry are reunited

Jacqueline Jossa won’t be the only familiar face to reprise her role this week.

A number of soap icons will be back to pay tribute to their close pal, on and off-screen.

Such is the case of Colin Russell portrayed by Lord Michael Cashman.

Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) is surprised but delighted to see that Colin has rocked up the Square as the mourners make their way to the funeral.

Dot’s coffin later arrives in front of The Vic, with Colin and Sharon strolling behind it.

Mourners head to the pub for the wake where Colin opens up on his life to Sharon and tells her what he has been up to.

Unbeknownst to them, Felix Baker gives directions to a man driving a flash car around the Square to Dot’s wake.

Colin leaves the Vic on Kathy Beale’s (Gillian Taylforth) who points out the man behind the wheel of the car.

She’s stunned to see Colin’s former boyfriend, Barry Clark (Gary Hailes).

How will the reunion go?

Will Sonia end up homeless?

Will Sonia end up homeless?الإئتمان: بي بي سي

3. Sonia panics

But while the event guarantees the returns of multiple iconic characters, it will also bring a new face to Walford.

Outside the church, Sonia bumps into Reiss Colwell, who reveals he was Dot’s great nephew.

The pair go to No.25 and share a cup of teabefore being interrupted by Jack Branning (لعبت من قبل Scott Maslen) and Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker).

Both men bring Dot’s wake to the house, cutting Sonia and Reissconversation short.

ومع ذلك, after an emotional day, Sonia finds herself alone with Reiss and they share a moment.

Sonia isn’t quite out of the woods as it’s revealed in later scenes of the London-based drama.

The reading of Dot’s will weighs heavily on her conscience, leading to Sonia asking Reiss to stay with her in Walford.

Will Dotty inherit Dot's house?

Will Dotty inherit Dot’s house?الإئتمان: بي بي سي

4. Dot’s will is read

في مشاهد لاحقة, it’s revealed Sonia is mortified at the thought of becoming homeless ahead of Dot’s will reading as the possibility of Dotty Cotton (Milly Zero) inheriting the house looms.

This prompts Sonia to ask Reiss to stay in Walford with her.

Dotty has been looking forward to sell Dot’s house in the hopes of getting enough money to travel around the world.

لاحقا, Dot’s solicitor Kenneth Foskett arrives and divulges Dot’s last wishes to Sonia, جاك, Dotty and Reiss.

Tension is brimming as they all listen to what Kenneth has to announceand one of them soon explodes when they realise they can’t get what they want.

Could there be another family feud?

Lauren and Linda come face to face

Lauren and Linda come face to faceالإئتمان: بي بي سي

5. Lauren and Linda clash

Lauren is one of the many familiar faces due to return to Albert Square, four years after leaving Walford to go to New Zealand.

But before long, لورين comes face to face with Linda Carter (لعبت من قبل كيلي برايت).

Both women spot one another at The Vic and Linda’s heart is in her mouth at the sight of Lauren.

The latter isn’t one to forgive and forget and immediately lashes out against Linda for breaking her father’s heart.

But Lauren may be surprised to find out there’s something she doesn’t know.


كل ما تحتاج لمعرفته حول عيد الفصح

Janine issues a shocking ultimatum

Janine issues a shocking ultimatumالإئتمان: بي بي سي

6. Janine spirals

Elsewhere in the Square, Janine Butcher’s (تشارلي بروكس) jealousy and hatred of Linda takes another turn.

And it could all have an impact on her impending nuptials with Mick Carter (Danny Dyer).

After Linda’s showdown with Lauren, Janine pressures Mick into telling her about their wedding plans.

ومع ذلك, the Vic landlord refuses to go her way and decides it can wait until after Dot’s funeral.

Fuming, Janine plays it cool by bluntly asking Kathy to cater for the eventright under Linda’s nose.

When Mick decides to tell Linda about his wedding with Janine, the latter reassures him by informing she already knew.

Linda also tells Mick his happiness makes her happy in return.

But Janine goes a step further in her plan and suggests Mick should buy Linda out of the pub to fully get rid of her.

Mick refuses again, arguing this could send Linda into a downward spiraland he’s quick to offer up a solution.

Will it make Janine happy?

Kat Slater makes a shocking confession

Kat Slater makes a shocking confessionالإئتمان: بي بي سي

7. Kat gets furious

في أثناء, Kat Slater (جيسي والاس) and Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) reminisce about Nana Moon and reflect on her dying wish that they would get together.

The owner of Kat’s Cabs doesn’t seem happy in her romance with Phil Mitchell.

This is later confirmed when the tough man played by Steve McFadden refuses to pick up her calls.

Alfie is curious and asks her if she’s really sure about her decision to marry Philprompting Kat to make a shocking confession.

In later scenes at No.25, Sharon and Kat start rowing but soon begin to bond over the challenges of being Phil’s other half.

Kat reassures Sharon and tells her she’ll find love again.

The Walford royalty, ومع ذلك, refuses and asserts she doesn’t need a man to be happy.

Could someone change her mind?