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Love Island-Bombe Jazmine Nichol eilte für eine Notoperation ins Krankenhaus

LOVE Island bombshell Jazmine Nichol is having emergency surgery after being rushed to hospital.

Der 21-Jährige shared a picture from her bed with a drip in her arm.

Jazmine posted from her hospital bed

Jazmine posted from her hospital bedAnerkennung: Instagram
The Love Island star explained why she'll be absent from social media

The Love Island star explained why she’ll be absent from social mediaAnerkennung: ITV

Update for you all,” Jazmine schrieb.

I’ve taken really unwell so I’ll be off my phone and not shooting any content for a while till I’ve recovered from surgery.

Staying positive, she reassured fans: “I’m in good hands though.

Jazminewho starred on this year’s seriesworried fans aftergoing missingduring her time in Casa Amor.

After failing to find love, sie slammed the show’s producers zum “editing her out”.

Just want to say a huge thank you for all of the love and support I’ve seen so far,” Sie sagte.

I’m so overwhelmed with all the lovely messages I’ve seen and the funny memes!

I’m excited for all of you to see my personality that was not shown on screen and the Jaz that the villa saw, this is only the start❤️?.”