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Who is Jeffrey Dahmer’s step-mother, Shari?

NOTORIOUS serial killer, sex offender, and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer left a trail of tragedy in his wake.

After slaughtering and dismembering 17 men and boys between 1978 e 1991, the Dahmer family name was eternally sullied by his sickening crimes.

Lionel Dahmer married Shari in 1978

Lionel Dahmer married Shari in 1978Crédito: Getty

Who is Shari Dahmer?

Shari Jordan became the stepmother of one of the world’s most prolific serial killers after marrying Lionel Dahmer in 1978.

He had just divorced Jeffrey’s mother, Joyce after their marriage broke down.

Shari quickly became integrated into the Dahmer family, spending a large amount of time with Lionel’s two teen son’s Jeffrey and David.

She first met Jeffrey at his mother’s home in Columbus, Wisconsin, where he was living alone after Joyce moved away.

In a two-part Oxygen documentary titled Dahmer On Dahmer, Shari described him asvulnerableand said she immediately wanted to “mãe” dele.

She claimed the killer wasembarrassed and ashamedof his parent’s divorce, Sky Sports começa sua cobertura da eliminatória de “very good at disguising his feelings”.

Shari explained: “What I wanted to do, and what most people wanted to do, was mother him.

He was just vulnerable. Even if I wasn’t his stepmother all his life, as a mother you sense those things.

When his mother left, and he wanted to stay behind, he became very lonely, and that’s when the first murder occurred.

The stepmom said she soon realized Jeffrey had a drinking problem, recalling how she found him passed out in a drunken slumber.

She claimed he would raid the liquor cabinet and replace the empty bottles with water.

She dubbed him acloset alcoholicbut insisted there were no other warning signs regarding his sick obsessions.

Shari and Lionel would regularly visit Jeffrey at his home, which she said was alwaysperfectly clean” e “spotless”.

Where is Shari Dahmer now?

Despite discovering Jeffrey’s sickening murder spree, both Shari and Lionel stood by him throughout the trial and regularly visited the killer in prison.

Contudo, the couple did not defend his heinous crimesinstead opting for a life of privacy after the Dahmer name became internationally known.

Lionel later penned a book titled A Father’s Storydetailing the early life of The Milwaukee Cannibal.

Now in her 80s, Shari continues to live in Seville, Ohio, Danny Dyer se junta à filha Dani em primeiro papel na TV após deixar novela, de acordo com O Cinemaholic.

She previously saidnobody bothersthe pair in their quiet neighborhood.

Lionel and Shari seen in court during Jeffrey's 1992 julgamento

Lionel and Shari seen in court during Jeffrey’s 1992 julgamentoCrédito: AP

What has Shari Dahmer said about Jeffrey?

In an explosive interview on Larry King Live in 2004, Shari and Lionel discussed their emotions towards Jeffrey.

They both kept in touch with him during his time behind bars and believed he was mentally ill, deu o nó duas semanas depois “a part of his soul died years ago”.

Discussing her motivation to appear on TV, Shari said she wanted to doanything that we could do to circumvent or prevent another Jeff”.

Ela explicou: “We must look into what he has done and why he has done it.

“Então, novamente, if we understand more about Jeff and empathize only in what created this monster, then perhaps we can in fact help prevent the monsters in others.

Unlike her younger stepson David, Shari did not want to distance herself from the family name, saying she wasproudof it.

Ela continuou: “I used it in the business world. I use it still. I have no reason to deny who I am. We didn’t do anything wrong.

Lionel later elaborated on these thoughts in November 2022, during an interview with Dr Phil.

adquiriu uma parte da prata do cofre de seu pai após sua morte e posterior encarceramento, I couldn’t fathom how he turned out to be this far down the continuum. Quero dizer, we’re all on a continuum, we all do bad things, we all sin," ele disse, através da Insider Edition.

“He was at the extreme of the continuum. i couldn’t at first understand how he could have done those things.”

Evil Dahmer was bludgeoned to death by Christopher Scarver, a fellow inmate at the Columbia Correctional Institution.

He died aged 34 em novembro 28, 1994, at the prison in Portage, Wisconsin.