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Kardashian fans ‘cringeover drastic skin ‘failin Kylie Jenner’s new video

KARDASHIAN fans havecringedover Kylie Jenner’s drastic skin color in a new video.

A bizarre detail about the tone her hand had many claiming the entire post was a photoshopfail.

Kylie Jenner posed in various ways in a new Instagram montage - in some of the shots, she wore this wild dress

Kylie Jenner posed in various ways in a new Instagram montagein some of the shots, she wore this wild dressCredito: Instagram/@kyliejenner
But in others, fans spotted an odd detail - her 'super-pale' hand

But in others, fans spotted an odd detailher ‘super-pale’ La star del celibe Tia rivela che suo padre Kenny è morto dopo una battaglia contro il cancro al colonCredito: Instagram/@kyliejenner

Di giovedì, Kylie debuted quite the new look and artistic direction.

bts shooting my new Glow Balm & Gloss Drip launching July 6th,” she captioned her Instagram reel.

Holding a new Kylie Cosmetics product in different poses, she wore a tight gold turtleneck number.

The video then cut to her in an outfit she earlier posted-and-deleted photos of, a plunging nude dress that featured a drip-effect print and was so wildly raunchy, some dubbed it not safe for work.

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The mother-of-two deleted the photo of the dripping outfit just hours later from her feed.

But the videoboth with the gold top and drip dressis still up.

A track, MAFIA, by Kylie’s baby daddy Travis Scott, 31, can be heard playing in the background as she posed in the different mysterious ways.

More snaps from the shoot flashed on the screen of the computer monitorshe held the makeup item near her lips and then by her breasts.

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tuttavia, fans spotted something odd.

In the first clip, while wearing the gold outfit, her hand appeared to be stark white.

But in the second clip, featuring the drip dress, the hand’s color appeared to be her natural tan tone throughout.


While the entire video was quite something, fans were freaked by the sight of Kylie’s long, white hand.

Her hand,” one Redditor wrote with a skull emoji.

Her hand looks like a chicken foot omfg.wrote another.

A super pale chicken foot compared to the rest of her. How do they not notice its white and she’s orange?” wondered a however harsh third.

A fourth simply wrote, “This is weird her white hand then appeared a normal tone once more just seconds later in the video.

Photoshop claims are yesterday’s news for the famous family, sister Khloe was recently called out for a “quindi non devi preoccuparti di perdere se hai dimenticato di raccogliere le batterie nel tuo ultimo negozio settimanale” mirror in a recent Instagram.

Infatti, fans regularly fume that the family alters their features too much and it sets a bad example.


Criticism aside, the beauty mogul has been praised for her honest post about life following the birth of her second child.

Sharing a snippet of a recent workout, Kylie wrote on her Instagram Stories: “Four months postpartum.

I have been dealing with tons of back and knee pain this time so it slows down my workouts.

But I am on a mission to get strong again.

Kylie was recently praised for showing off her “smagliature e peso extra” on her postpartum body.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum was lauded fornormalizing normal bodieswhen she shared a photo of her stomach with her baby son’s feet resting on it.

Kylie posted the snap of just the bottom of her baby’s feet on her tummy, taking the photo from above.

Her fans flocked to a Kardashian Reddit thread to praise her for sharing the reality of postpartum bodies.

Uno ha scritto: “Come mamma, Amo la crudezza di questa foto. La pelle tesa, la pancia dopo il parto, il piccolo peso in più. Lo amo.”

Un altro ha aggiunto: “Mi piace che lei abbia pubblicato questo. Normalizzazione dei corpi normali.”


A febbraio, Kylie welcomed a son after Stormi, 4, with rapper Travis Scott, although the couple has still not announced the child’s nameodd in itself.

She admitted earlier that she and Travis changed their second child’s moniker.

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The beauty mogul wrote on her Instagram Story: “FYI our son’s name isn’t Wolf anymore.

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In some scenes in her new Instagram video, Kylie Jenner's hand appeared 'as white as chicken skin' fans fumed

In some scenes in her new Instagram video, Kylie Jenner’s hand appeared ‘as white as chicken skinfans fumedCredito: Instagram
But in a later shot it matched her skin once more - fans simply called the project a 'photoshop fail'

But in a later shot it matched her skin once morefans simply called the project a ‘photoshop failCredito: Instagram
The mom-of-two has been praised for being honest about her postpartum body

The mom-of-two has been praised for being honest about her postpartum bodyCredito: Getty