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Jodie Marsh suscita preoccupazione per la foto del letto d'ospedale

JODIE Marsh has revealed she faces six weeks of recovery after undergoing an operation.

L'ex modella glamour, 43, told fans of her surprise procedure on Instagram and insisted she was fine.

Jodie Marsh underwent an operation in hospital this week

Jodie Marsh underwent an operation in hospital this weekCredito: Jodie Marsh
Jodie is a big fan of glamming up

Jodie is a big fan of glamming upCredito: instagram/@jodiemarshtv

Smiling from her hospital bed, lei disse: “I had an operation yesterday under general anaestheticI was allowed out last night and my dad who had waited for me then took me for some food as I hadn’t eaten in 24 ore.

We found an amazing vegan restaurant and we both loved it and stuffed our faces (pics to follow) – anyway I’m in recovery for 6 weeks and got to take it really easy and am not allowed to lift anything heavy so am now relying on friends and dad to help me do the animals each day.

Aside from being in alittle bit of pain”, Jodie said she was desperate for food for her pigs, chickens and horses on her rescue farm and asked fans to help out.

It’s been a tough year for the star, Oms split from her love rat ex di nuovo a maggio

Their separation played out messily on social media with Jodie revealing some grim details.

She discovered the Elvis impersonator toyboy had beensexting by the bucketload over their entire relationship.

Jodie found love with singer Billy Collins Nuttall – chi è 17 anni lei più giovane – nel 2019.

She told fans she had evidence of him begging other women for naked photos.

She typed a lengthy statement and shared it on Instagram, detto: “Billy and I have split up. Turns out he’s been cheating on me for the whole 3 anni. Sexting other girls and begging for naked photoswhich he’s got by the bucketload.

This has been going on literally the whole 3 years we’ve been together.

He admitted to everything when I confronted him and I have screen shot [sic] ALL the evidence to prove it as I’m not going to have anyone think anything other than the truth.

I gave him the world and it still wasn’t enough,” lei ha aggiunto.

Jodie tragically lost her mum to cancer in 2020 and said she hadn’t gotten over her grief, with her latest heartbreak being yet another blow.

Please allow me some spaceI’m not even done grieving for my mum yet.

This is really hard to comprehend as I truly thought I’d found my soul mate [sic].”

Jodie and her ex-boyfriend Billy

Jodie and her ex-boyfriend BillyCredito: INSTAGRAM