Junior Bake Offファンは全員同じ苦情を持っており、クレームショーは「修正」です’

JUNIOR Bake Off fans all have the same complaint and claimed the show isfixedafter shock results.

チャネル 4 viewers thought Mia should have been saved instead of Gabrieldespite both putting in a brilliant effort.

Junior Bake Off fans were disappointed with tonight's results

Junior Bake Off fans were disappointed with tonight’s results
The unlucky baker leaving the famous tent this week was Mia.

The unlucky baker leaving the famous tent this week was Mia.

The contestants excelled themselves yet again as the group attempted desserts this week and was tasked with making a rainbow baked Alaska.

Contestant Gabriel had not heard of the dessert but gave it his best shot.

残念ながら, he forgot to add butter and sugar to the mixture, forcing him to take his tray out of the oven to include the major ingredients.

その間, the other bakers were also having their own fair share of problems in the kitchen as they struggled to stop their dessert melting.

The judges said Gabriel’s Alaska was sadlytoo sloppy” そして “not airy enough”, with Gabriel ranked in last position.

He hoped to impress in the showstopper and opted for a lemon drizzle cake shaped as his favourite takeaway, フィッシュアンドチップス.


不動産業者に絶対にさせてはいけないこと? これは彼女が今どのように見えるかです


不動産業者に絶対にさせてはいけないこと? これは彼女が今どのように見えるかです

Mia was also inspired by her favourite takeaway and decided to make an orange flavoured buttercream pizza cake.

残念ながら, the judges were not impressed by the shape of Gabriel’s fish cake and thought it was too sourhowever praised him on the sponge.

その間, Aisha got her first star baker and admitted it had given her apush to try harder”.

But the unlucky baker leaving the famous tent this week was Mia.

しかしながら, not all fans were happy with the results and claimed that the Channel 4 show was a “クロエはファンに「理解するように」と促すためにリッピングしました”.

Gabriel admitted himself that it wasn’t his best week and believed that the judgesdidn’t have the heartto send him homeconfessing he haddodged a bullet”.

And it looked like fans agreed with the youngster.

ある人は書いた: “ワオ, Gabriel dodges going home againhe wasn’t great today but still keeps getting through. #JuniorBakeOff.

別の投稿: “Gabriel dodged another bullet.

3番目の合意: “Gabriel staying again?!?!? Got to be a fix.

Gabriel should have gone on week onethis is an absolute fix,” 他の誰かが言った.

先週, Natalie Cassidy surprised her fans this evening when she revealed her daughter Eliza has secretly been taking part in Junior Bake Off.

ザ・ イーストエンダーズの女優, 38, only shared the news that it was her daughter tonight as she sadly lost her place in the tent.

She admitted she had initially dashed Eliza’s hopes of even getting on the show – but was now full of admiration for her, saying she is “the proudest mum alive”.

Sharing a picture of the youngster with a mixing bowl and whisk, Natalie gushed: “This is Eliza. 彼女はそうだった 10 and decided to enter for the junior bake off. 私は言った, oh Eliza, you’ll never get through, thousands apply and I don’t want you to be disappointed. She got through.

“And her confidence, determination and maturity has blown me away. I am proud of my daughters everyday. But to watch one of them be so kind and helpful to others in the tent every night this week, has made me the proudest mum alive.

“I haven’t said much about it- Nothing to do with me whatsoever. This was her adventure. Thank you @britishbakeoff for having her and looking after her so well throughout the process. My advice to all. When your child wants to do something don’t stop them. Dreams do come true. ♥️🧁🎂🍰”

Her followers were shocked to discover Eliza’s very famous mum after watching her on the show.

一人が書いた: “Oh my goodness, I had no idea she was your daughter. サム・マッコールのような象徴的な役割に足を踏み入れるには勇気が必要であり、彼女はそれをうまくやりました。, she’s so lovely and very funny. An absolute credit to you ❤.”

別の追加: “Aww I didn’t realise Eliza was your daughter! I said yesterday to my daughter (who is also a budding baker, in fact she’s practicing now baking a cake at 8pm on a Friday evening!!) how kind Eliza was to others and how proud I’d be if she was mine!」

While someone else remarked: “Omg I didn’t realise this was your daughter @natcass1 …..what a proud mum u must be. She is such a lovely girl and so helpful and friendly and quite honestly had me in stitches all week.”

Natalie Cassidy's daughter took part in Junior Bake Off

Natalie Cassidy’s daughter took part in Junior Bake Off

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