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FORMER President Trump is ripping into President Biden forplaying into Putin’s handsand Vice President Harris for laughing about Ukrainian refugees.

Trump is live on FOX News chatting with Sean Hannity about the unfolding situation between Russia and Ukraine.

Trump ripped into President Biden

Trump ripped into President Biden

Hannity asked Trump if he viewed people like Putin as enemies that he needed to keep close.

I got along with these people well,” Trump responded.

I understood them and they understood me.

Nobody was ever tough on Russia like I was.


Donald Trump's ex-press secretary tells The View he was 'AFRAID of Putin'


Donald Trump’s ex-press secretary tells The View he was ‘AFRAID of Putin

Putin will tell you.

Trump also told Hannity he believes Putin wishes he hadn’t startedthis mess.

Putin is in a bad corner … this is turning into a disaster.

The former president also addressed the increase Americans are experiencing at the pumps.

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Live updates as Nato could STEP-IN if Putin crosses chemical weapons 'red-line'


Live updates as Nato could STEP-IN if Putin crosses chemical weapons ‘red-line

Normal, bellissimo, midwestern states are paying four or five dollars [a gallon] … it’s gonna be a shock like this country hasn’t had in a long time.

Trump also said the Green New Dealis gonna destroy the country.

These people don’t know what they’re doing.

The former president also highlighted thatnot one military person was killed in 18 mesi” during his presidency when discussing the Taliban with Hannity.

In the final seconds of the interview, Hannity asked Trump his thoughts on 2022 e 2024.

I think we’re gonna have a tremendous victory in the House,” Trump ha detto. He echoed similar sentiments about the Senate races.

I think a lot of people are going to be very happy in 2024.

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