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La star di Geordie Shore Sophie Kasaei afferma che il cast "ha lottato per sopravvivere" con lo stipendio dello spettacolo

GEORDIE Shore star Sophie Kasaei, 32, admits the cast of the hit reality show ‘struggled’ on their show salaries.

Opening up on their financial situations in the early days of the show, Sofia revealed some of the cast were “on benefits” and “no-one had much money.”

Sophie Kasaei revealed none of the cast "had much money" in the early days of filming and some were on benefits

Sophie Kasaei revealed none of the casthad much moneyin the early days of filming and some were on benefitsCredito: Instagram
Sophie's fame on hit show Geordie Shore began in 2011

Sophie’s fame on hit show Geordie Shore began in 2011Credito: Getty Images – Getty

Sophie is famous for starring in MTV reality series costa Geordie in two stints – a partire dal 2011 per 2013 e 2016 per 2019.

La stella, who started her reality TV journey on Geordie Shore 12 anni fa, condivisa: “When we first started the show we got absolutely nothing.

“The most we ever got was £1000 a month and we couldn’t survive on that, obviously after tax as well.

“Most of us worked at the call centre because in Newcastle there’s a lot of call centres because we can sell you the dream, we’re very friendly and warm and trustworthy.

“The worry of not having a regular income was very scary. You can’t go back to a normal job either. I started when I was a kid, 12 years ago.”

As well as struggling to live on the amount they received each month, Sophie also revealed the girls found it harder than the boys financially.

“The boys were earning quite a lot of money from cash jobs, doing things like one hour of photos with fans and earning thousands and they were killing it,” she continued to tell False Economy podcast.

Sophie added: “But us girls were in big financial difficulty. There was no social media so we couldn’t make money from thatwe had nothing.

“We struggled for a while, and got credit cards and all that kind of thing. But things did change and then the girls started to make some money.”

Opening up on her current situation, the Geordie beauty admitted she’s “not as wealthy as people think.”

Putting to bed rumours that she’s a multimillionaire, the 32-year-old said she is “probably more skint than most.”

Discussing a time when she woke up to find she only had £5 in her bank account, Sophie explained: “What makes it worse is even though I had £5 in the bank everyone watching me thinks I am a multimillionaire right now and they think I’m loaded and have everything they ever wanted but I’m probably a lot more skint than the local Joe Bloggs down the street.

“No one would know until I’ve told you now, and we need to be more open about this because people think they can do reality shows and make so much money but it’s tough.

Sophie said she went on to invest some of her money, and added that her accountant, who she describes as “like part of the family,” has helped her to understand her finances.

“One day the conveyor belt was going in and out and I wasn’t breaking even. I had no money and woke up with £5 in the account and had to close my business, shut the shutters and start again,” Sophie added.

Sophie currently lives in a bellissima “Fifty Shades of Grey housecomplete with a strip club in the back.

Sophie gave The Sun Online a tour of the Tyneside property, which includes a Love Island-style garden with mirrors and even a hot tub.

You can listen to Sophie’s interview in full by tuning into the False Economy podcast

Sophie admitted the boys would make money while the girls struggled

Sophie admitted the boys would make money while the girls struggledCredito: Notizie Splash
Sophie admitted her accountant has helped her to understand finances

Sophie admitted her accountant has helped her to understand financesCredito: Instagram