ジョーディ・ショアのソフィー・カサエイがウエストを 3 インチ減らした方法を明かす

GEORDIE Shore’s Sophie Kasaei has told how she lost three inches off her waist in one day as she posed topless.

リアリティTVスター – who rose to fame on the MTV series back in 2011 – recently underwent 手術 to undo the botched work.

Geordie Shore's Sophie told how she lost three inches off her waist in one day

Geordie Shore’s Sophie told how she lost three inches off her waist in one day
Sophie celebrated as she learned of her weight loss success

Sophie celebrated as she learned of her weight loss successクレジット: Instagram/@sophiekasaei_

ソフィー sounded delighted as she told fans about her weight loss success.

Her pal who put a measuring tape around her topless body, told her the news she wanted to hear.

彼女は言いました: “That’s 26.7inches and you were 30.5 インチ,”

Sophie gasped and said: “Wow I needed that.

Meanwhile Geordie Shore favourite Sophie has admitted to going under the knife a number of times in a bid to get her “完璧” 体.

悲しいことに, it hasn’t always gone to planwith the star opening up that it previously left her “失敗した” そして “covered in scars”.

しかしながら, Sophie has since revealed that she’s happier than ever with her body, getting hersexy backafter her latest round of surgery.

Speaking to Closer, 彼女は説明した: “長年, I’ve been conscious of my botched body and my scars from surgery, but now I’m finally happy with the way I look.

Sophie detailed how she was left with a string of health complications and body hang-ups following surgery gone wrong.

She underwent a breast reduction, tummy tuck and Brazilian Bum Lift in a string of surgeries that left her withscars”.

Her BBLwhich sees fat sucked from elsewhere in the body and injected into the bottomwas done in a run-down hospital in Turkey.

Comparing her experience to ahorror film”, the star suffered from complications after the surgery when she developed an abscess in her leg while holidaying in Mexico with Joel Corry.

“死ぬかと思った,” she said of the horror turn of events, which left her with a physical scar and what she believes to be PTSD.

For months while it healed, I had a hole in my bum, and unfortunately it left a huge scar too which affected my self-esteem, it was an awful time,” Sophie went on.

それ以来, Sophie has gone under the knife one final time in order to correct all the botched surgeries, and is not a size 6-8, with a noticeably smaller chest after undergoing a reduction.

She also had her behind and hips worked on, as well as the sagging skin on her stomachfinally giving her the body confidence she craved.

I’m excited to go out there and show off my body!” 彼女は結論を下した. “I want a hot girl summer.

スターはその方法を詳しく説明しました "失敗した" surgery nearly killed her

スターはその方法を詳しく説明しました “失敗した” surgery nearly killed her