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Esfaqueamento na escola de Huddersfield: Garoto, 15, é o segundo adolescente a ser preso pelo assassinato de Khayri Mclean, de 15 anos

A 15-year-old boy has become the second teen to be arrested in connection with the murder of Khayri Mclean, 15.

Cops confirmed they arrested the teenager yesterday and he is currently in custody following the shocking school stabbing in Huddersfield.

Khayri Mclean, 15, was fatally stabbed to death on Wednesday outside a school

Khayri Mclean, 15, was fatally stabbed to death on Wednesday outside a school
Police have arrested two teenagers following Khayri's murder

Police have arrested two teenagers following Khayri’s murder

A 16-year-old male who was arrested yesterday also remains in custody.

Khayri was fatally knifed just outside North Huddersfield Trust School, West Yorks,. no 2.45 pm on Wednesday by a masked attacker.

Witnesses say the 15-year-old was pinned down before being brutally stabbed in front of horrified pupils.

A brave teacher frantically performed CPR on the teenager after he had been attacked near his school gates.

But Khayri tragically died after being rushed to hospital from the school.

Khayri’s mum Marcia came to the spot where he died yesterday, knelt down on the floor and was visibly completely overcome by emotion, Bom dia Grã-Bretanha relatado.

While his girlfriend Shyana James revealed herheart shattered when she heard he died and called him areally nice boy”.

Friends and classmates also paid tribute to Khayri, while his headteacher has released a statement following the tragedy.

Worried parents had also called the incident heart-breaking and shocking.

A mum-of-two, 43, adicionado: “It makes you frightened to send your children to school.

You send them to school to be safe. It’s heart-breaking and shocking. What is the world coming to?”

Officers from West Yorkshire Police’s Homicide and Major Enquiry Team (HMET) are continuing to investigate the death of Khayri.

And they have called for anyone with video footage from the incident to come forward.