Coronation Street spoilers: Bernie Winter kidnapped as she tries to trap Fern

SHE has been caught up in a case of mistaken identity but things are about to go from bad to worse in Coronation Street for Bernie Winter.

Viewers have seen Bernie, played by Jane Hazelgrove, arrested by the police over a jewellery theft despite it being her once trusted doppelganger Fern, played by Gabrielle Glaister.

Bernie is bundled into a van

Bernie is bundled into a vanCredit: ITV
She is determined to find Fern

She is determined to find FernCredit: ITV

Bernie has pleaded with the police to get them to believe that it was Fern and not her but Fern has gone AWOL leaving Bernie high and dry and facing the consequences.

Now Bernie has managed to track down Howard, who claims to be Fern’s ex-wife and has recruited him to help locate the missing in action thief.

As Howard confirms Bernie’s worst suspicions that Fern is indeed a con artist, the grandmother hatches up a plan to lure the wanted suspect back from obscurity.

Hatching up a plan to stage a fake lottery win, Bernie convinces Howard and Dev to come on board and help her ‘celebrate’ with a large party on the street.

The gang, accompanied by Gemma and Paul, throw a fake shindig and soon Howard reveals he has heard from the absconded Fern.

He claims she wants to meet him in the car park of Freshco’s.

However, things are about to take a huge turn for the worst for Bernie.

As she waits quietly at the bus stop, a van rocks up, throws a bag on her head and is soon fumbling her into the back of a van – she’s been kidnapped!

Bernie screams and screams but is she in grave danger?

Elsewhere, Gemma begins to become very suspicious of Howard after he mentions the exact value of the missing loot despite no one knowing the full total.

Gemma questions him as only the real thief would know how much is missing.

Speaking on the story, Jane said: “It has been so much fun, I am a bit sad that it is coming to an end to be honest. The storyline came from the fact that I have been mistaken for Gabby for 30 years, I get asked all the time about my time in Brookside or Black Adder, even friends claim to have seen me in shows I have never been in.”

Jane said she upon finding out her character was a twin, she knew if she ever appeared on screen Gabrielle would have to be cast but she revealed how the story took a route more similar to her real life.

The actress said: “So when I joined Corrie as Bernie I was told that she is a twin and I started thinking if we ever saw her twin we would have to cast Gabby.

“I am really good friends with Corrie writer Jonathan Harvey and I was telling him about us both getting mistaken for each other and he thought it was hilarious and it was him that came up with this storyline.”

On working with Gabrielle, Jane added: “She is a fantastic actress and lovely lady, so it is flattering really.”


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Bernie has transformed from a wayward mother to a doting grandmother, a change Jane has welcomed: “She has matured and she is a better mum than she ever was. This has been a second chance for her with her kids and her grandkids, she is like a lioness when it comes to her family and that wasn’t always the case.

“She is more likeable now.”

They come up with a plan to trap Fern

They come up with a plan to trap FernCredit: ITV

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV.