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Dad of Sabina Nessa’s warped killer, 71, begs son to reveal why he murdered her

THE dad of Sabina Nessa’s warped killer has begged his son to explain why he brutally murdered the innocent schoolteacher.

Sabina, 28, was ambushed in a premeditated stranger attack as she walked to a pub in Kidbrooke, Sudeste de Londres, to meet an old pal last year.

Sabina Nessa's body was found by a dog walker in a park in south east London

Sabina Nessa’s body was found by a dog walker in a park in south east London
Koci Selamaj killed her in a brutal attack

Koci Selamaj killed her in a brutal attack

Koci Selamaj pounced on her and battered her 34 times with a 2ft metal weaponbelieved to be a red road signso savagely it broke into pieces.

Sabina’s body was found by a dog walker covered in leaves near the OpenSpace community centre the following day just 200 yards from her home.

Agora, one year on from her tragic death Koci’s father, Bashkim, 71, has revealed he attempted to see his son at HMP Belmarsh in London to try and find out why he killed her,

But both times he went, his son was too ashamed to see him.

Speaking to The Mirror Bashkim said: “Koci has a strong character. Now he is realising what he has done and has shame on himself.

That shame stops him from meeting me or his sister who did try meeting him as well. He does not want to tell me why he murdered that girl. I’d like to know from him why he did it.”

The garage worker was sentenced to a minimum term of 36 years behind bars for the horrific crime em abril.

Selamaj lay in wait for a victim after driving from his home in Eastbourne, East Sussex, to London to attack a woman usingextreme violence”.

Chilling CCTV footage captured the monster checking no one was watching before he started to run after terrified Sabina on September 17.

The Albanian national is believed to have strangled her in undergrowth in what is suspected to have been a sexually motivated attack.

Just two hours before the attack, he tried to contact a former partner to pressure her into sexual activity.


Bashkim continued: “The murder of Sabina caused a huge tragedy to her family. We still cannot believe how our son got involved in murdering her.

“What happened last year has caused another tragedy, to our family. I am an older man suffering from several illnesses after a head operation several years ago.

“I am full of pain for Sabina losing her life and at the same time for my son who has been unwilling to talk to us for 12 meses.

“I have sent several letters but no reply. I came to London two times. After booking a visit to see him, I went twice to Belmarsh.

“It was the same story. Guards asked him to get out of the jail to meet me. He refused two times.”

In April Sabina’s parents branded him an “animal” after he refused to face them in court.

The twisted killer refused to leave his cell after pleading guilty.