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North Korea fires ANOTHER ballistic missile towards Japan as tensions flare

NORTH Korea has fired another ballistic missile towards Japan, South Korean authorities said.

Tonight’s launch was the sixth in just 12 days and the first since it fired an intermediate-range missile over Japan on Tuesday.

One of the rockets fired this week shown on TV in Seoul, Südkorea

One of the rockets fired this week shown on TV in Seoul, SüdkoreaAnerkennung: AP

It follows joint missile drills by South Korea and the United States.

And tensions flared after the return of a US aircraft carrier to the sea between Korea and Japan in response to North Korea’s recent missile tests.

Japanese authorities confirmed the missile launch at 6.09am local time.

The Ministry of Defence tweeted: “We will let you know as soon as we have further news.

The latest missile test comes just a day after the US accused fellow United Nations Security Council members China and Russia of protecting North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un by watering down attempts at reinforcing sanctions over Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programmes.

Am Dienstag, US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield said: “The DPRK [North Korea] has enjoyed blanket protection from two members of this council.

“Zusamenfassend, two permanent members of the Security Council have enabled Kim Jong Un.

An emergency security council meeting was set up after North Korea fired a ballistic missile over Japan early on Tuesday morningfor the first time in five years.

This prompted the Japanese authorities to order citizens to evacuate buildings or seek refuge underground.

Following the emergency public council meeting, nine Security Council members – Großbritannien, Frankreich, the US, Albanien, Brasilien, Indien, Irland, Norway and the United Arab Emiratespublished a joint statement condemning the missile launch.

China and Russia did not sign the joint statement.