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O orçamento ousado de Kwarteng é o impulso que a Grã-Bretanha tão desesperadamente precisava

KWASI Kwarteng’s bold Budget is the boost post-Brexit Britain so desperately needed.

When this country voted to leave the EU it threw off the rigid shackles of Brussels.

Kwasi Kwarteng’s bold Budget is the boost post-Brexit Britain so desperately needed

Kwasi Kwarteng’s bold Budget is the boost post-Brexit Britain so desperately neededCrédito: PA

Now the Chancellor is freeing us from the grinding tax-and-spend orthodoxy that has held sway for too long.

Our economy has been weighed down by the twin evils of sky-high taxes and sclerotic growth.

But now, as Mr Kwarteng says in our paper today, we have entered a new era.

In an astonishing 25-minute statement he slashed taxes, tore up red tape and took an axe to EU laws.

But he did much more than that. With his words he hung a giant open for business sign on Britain’s doors.

Here was a Chancellor unafraid to put the pedal to the floor in the global race for business. To unleash a new can-do spirit of entrepreneurialism and enterprise.

Our new revolutionary go-for-growth agenda will liberate this country’s pent-up potential. Many businesses are just waiting for someone to back them.

And his ambition to make Britain the world’s best place for ­business is invigorating.

Claro, he will face the predictable fury of the Left who despise wealth creators. And he needs to explain clearly how he intends to bring down the eye-watering deficit.

But most Brits instinctively know high taxes and red tape strangle prosperity.

So we applaud Liz Truss e Mr Kwarteng for taking tough decisions to usher in a “new era” after the stagnation of recent decades. By trusting in the energy and independent spirit of the British people,

Mr Kwarteng can turbocharge Brexi.

As he says, it is high time the naysayers were proved wrong.

Britain is the best country in the world.

The Budget finally gives us a fighting chance to prove it.

Hijab rule shame

IT is shocking that brutal regimes like Iran still force women to wear Islamic dress against their will.

The country has been in uproar since a 22-year-old died after being arrested for breaking rules about wearing a headscarf.

And the fact that a Sun journalist faced demands to wear a hijab just to do her job in Vienna is outrageous.

Our reporter had to fashion a headscarf before she was allowed to speak to Iranian footie players.

Claro, it is vital to be sensitive to local traditions across the globe. But this match was held in a major European city.

The Three Lions face Iran in their first match at the Qatar World Cup. England stars have sent out a powerful message that racism has no place in football.

Perhaps it is time they took an equally tough stance on sexism.