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Meu senhorio está tentando me cobrar MAIS por ficar em casa nos fins de semana

A TENANT was gobsmacked when their landlord hiked up the price of their rent after they’d moved inasking them to pay extra cash for a weekend stay.

The anonymous Reddit user shared the landlord’s bizarre text message that suggested they should pay $30(£26) extra a month if they areindoors every Saturday and Sunday.

The Reddit user shared a screenshot of the landlady's messages

The Reddit user shared a screenshot of the landlady’s messagesCrédito: Reddit
The renter was stunned by the request to pay extra for staying in her room over the weekend

The renter was stunned by the request to pay extra for staying in her room over the weekendCrédito: Getty

The post came with the captionlandlord wants to increase my rent 1 month after I just moved in if I stay home during the weekends”.

Responding to people’s comments the tenant revealed that they live in Cingapura and had a year-long contract with the landlord who lives in the same house.

Many reacted badly to the text, slamming the landlady’s ‘shady tacticsand branding the move ‘illegal’.

Um comentou: “You should NOT tolerate it at all, I wouldn’t even try negotiating with shady tactics.

If she did try to make things difficult, that would ALSO be illegal actions.

This is highly recommended to look into filing a complaint about this and keep records of all communications going forward.

Outro adicionado: “If a contract was signed you should not pay the extra.

Others feared she may be kicked out by the money-grabbing landlord and that they should have a more gentle conversation with them.

Um usuário do Reddit disse: “…this landlord is clearly not concerned with fairness or the wellbeing of their tenant, but they still have the power to make that tenant homeless.

I agree they should fight this legally, but their access to shelter hangs in the balance…”

The tenant explains that since the post, the landlady has been making regular visits to inspect her room and interrogate her.

The visits are legal in Singapore but the law does not specify how many inspections they can make.

Eles disseram: “I can ignore her text messages but she started knocking on my door today to “inspect” my room and what I do in my roomwhich landlords are allowed to do in Singapore.

The law does not state how many times she’s allowed to “inspect” my room a day so for all I know she could keep harassing me and that’s what I’m stressed over.

I don’t have the money to engage a lawyer or sue herlawyer fees would likely be more than my $30 increase in rent.

The renter said that she had to negotiate with the landlord rather than confront as she feared she would make her life more difficult.

A student in the UK was also stunned when her landlord tried to rent out the other half of her bed to a complete stranger for £20 a night.

The law student, studying at Maynooth University, was horrified when her landlord allegedly told by her that he would be renting out half of her room.

This meant the terrified tenant would be left sharing her bed with a complete stranger and the greedy landlord would earn nearly £500 extra per month.

Understandably, the girl felt compelled to find accommodation elsewhere and moved out of the property.