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Chi è Lauren Mahon?

LAUREN MAHON launched the hugely popular You, Me and the Big C podcast alongside Sun columnist Deborah James back in 2018.

Lauren is a survivor, having initially been diagnosed with stage three cancro al seno nel 2016.

Lauren Mahon, centro, co-hosted You, Me and he Big C with Rachael Bland, giusto, and Deborah James, sinistra

Lauren Mahon, centro, co-hosted You, Me and he Big C with Rachael Bland, giusto, and Deborah James, sinistraCredito: Alamy

Chi è Lauren Mahon?

British activist Lauren Mahon – nato a 1985 – rose to prominence when she started Girl vs Cancer.

Girl vs Cancer is an online community which raises awareness of cancer and provides support for patients.

She was named one of the BBC’s 100 inspirational women in 2019 for her work.

Lauren was a social media manager when she was diagnosed with cancro al seno nel 2016.

After her diagnosis, she became an activist and started working on the Voi, Me and the Big C podcast with Debora Giacomo and the late Rachael Bland.

She captivated audiences in her appearance on Canale 4 mostrare First Dates Hotel in 2018 quando she was friend-zoned.

Poor Lauren broke down in tears in the private chat after the date saying she isalways the f***ing friend”.

When did she start You, Me and the Big C with Deborah James and Rachael Bland?

The trio launched their BBC podcast in March 2018 and received critical acclaim.

The podcast focuses on cancro e sopravvissuti’ journeys but with a light-hearted and uplifting tone.

Originally the show was co-hosted by Lauren, Deborah and Rachael Bland ma Rachael sadly passed away nel mese di settembre 2018.

Since then Rachael’s husband Steve Bland has occasionally hosted the show.

The podcast aired its final episode with Deborah after she announced she had moved to end of life care for her terminal bowel cancer.

Titled Deborah JamesLast Dance, Deborah moved her producer Mike Holt to tears as she spoke about meeting and partying with her late friend Rachael once again.

What has Lauren said about Deborah James?

Lauren has spoken about how proud of Deborah she is and that she couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of a damehood.

She tearfully told the Mail giornaliera: “Ovviamente, Deb is a Dame — it’s like she was born to be.

It’s a great testament to all she has achieved and what she means to everyone. I couldn’t be prouder of her.

Deborah’s Bowelbabe fund has raised over £6million in just a week.

Lauren sang the praises of her co-host and said: “Her work has saved so many lives already, but she will save and prolong so many more because of this money”.

She said that Deborah’s carefree attitude is something she will carry with her forever.

Lauren said: “We’ve been through something so powerful together.

What we have created with the podcast has changed the way cancer is talked about and experienced in the UK.

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The thing I’m really struggling with is that Rachael, Deb and I started this together as a threesome and the prospect of not having either of them around is difficult.

I can’t get my head around it.