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Matt Hancock set to be fired as camp leader in massive I’m A Celeb shake-up

MATT Hancock is set to be fired from his position as camp leader in a massive I’m A CelebrityGet Me Out Of Here shake-up.

Fans of the ITV show will see an election take place in the jungle camp, which will see a new leader picked by the celebrities.

Matt won the camp leader status in a challenge last week

Matt won the camp leader status in a challenge last weekCrédito: Eroteme
The celebrities will be given a chance to vote Matt out of his leadership role

The celebrities will be given a chance to vote Matt out of his leadership roleCrédito: Eroteme

MP Matt, 44, was given a chance to compete for the coveted camp leader status after he was voted by the public at home.

He fought against Mike Tindall in a hilarious Eu sou uma celebridade game to be crowned camp leader, sleeping in the RV and sitting in a special chair.

While the celebrities have long-discussed a revolution, agora, bosses of the show are set to give the celebs a chance to pick someone new.

A show source told The Mirror: “Campmates will vote for a new camp leader. Then whoever is voted the new camp leader picks a deputy.

In theory Matt could retain the title of leader but it seems about as likely as him still being an MP after the next general election.

The source concluded that the celebs will likely be looking forchange in camp”, which is due to take place on tonight’s show.

Matt became camp leader last week, picking Loose Women star Charlene White as his deputy, leading to some conflict.

Charlene, 42, has been yet to stay in the RV camp beds with Matt, leaving Owen Warner sleeping on the floor of the jungle.

While elsewhere, when Matt was elected, Menino george, Mike Tindall and Sue Cleaver were seen planning arevolution”.

Noite passada, Menino george, 61, couldn’t resist taking a swipe at Matt AGAIN after he won the coveted trip to the beach.

The former health secretary, Jill Scott and Sue Cleaver were lucky enough to be treated to a delicious meal after winning a challenge, seeing the stars having to collect coloured balls.

Matt, Lioness Jill, 35, and Coronation Street Processar, 59 headed off in a chopper, the others sat around discussing what they were missing.

Comedian Seann pointed out how easy Matt has been having it recently, ditado: “Matt is having an absolute holiday here. Sat in that chair, has a sleep in that bed, then goes to the beach for the day.”

In his usual brutal fashion, Boy George sniped: “Can I just cut you off there, he still has to be Matt Hancock.”