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iPhone 15 release date rumours – huge design change ‘leaked’ en línea

AS sure as night follows day, Apple will launch another iPhone.

los iPhone 14 y iPhone 14 Pro are now behind us – which means we’re looking ahead to the iPhone 15.

El iphone 15 could look even better than the latest iPhone 14 Pro

El iphone 15 could look even better than the latest iPhone 14 ProCrédito: manzana

What is the iPhone 15?

manzana launched four new iPhones en septiembre 2022, so we won’t see a new model any time soon.

But it’s almost certain that Apple will unveil the iPhone 15 en 2023.

We could see a brand new design, camera improvements, faster processing and more.

The quality of iPhone 15 leaks won’t be particularly good until a few months before the launch.

So until then, you’ll just have to pen a wishlist of new features you’d like to see – and maybe you can mail it to Apple HQ.

iPhone 15 release date predictions – when is it out?

Predicting the iPhone 15 features at this point is hard, but guessing the release date is much easier.

Apple tends to stick to the same rough release schedule each year.

El gran evento de lanzamiento siempre tiene lugar en septiembre., y generalmente cae a principios de mes, un martes o miércoles, típicamente.

Para 2023, the most likely iPhone 15 reveal dates would be either Tuesday, septiembre 12 o miércoles, septiembre 13.

The Wednesday might seem likelier, if only to put a bit of breathing room between the iPhone launch and September 11, an important day of remembrance for the 9/11 World Trade Centre tragedy.

Then we’d likely see iPhone 15 pre-orders going live on Friday, septiembre 15.

This would probably be followed by the rollout of the next iOS software update (iOS 17?) los lunes, septiembre 18.

Next we’d suspect that iPhone 15 reviews would drop on Wednesday, septiembre 20.

Y finalmente, el iphone 15 release date would likely fall on Friday, septiembre 22.

Por supuesto, Apple could shift this entire process one week earlier (like it did Para el 2022 lanzamiento), but the rough format will almost certainly remain the same.

Sadly it’s impossible to say what Apple’s exact iPhone 15 plans are.

We won’t know until much closer to the date, and the entire truth won’t be revealed until the actual Apple event keynote itself.

Hasta entonces, take all rumours, leaks and predictions with a pinch of salt.

iPhone 15 news and features

Some of the iPhone 15 features are easy enough to guess.

They’ll almost certainly all support 5G internet, as all new models have since the iPhone 12.

And we’ll probably see a new (and faster) A17 chip – although this could be limited to Pro models only.

Apple will introduce a new core software update too, likely called iOS 17.

An early tip from @LeaksApplePro on Twitter suggests that we might see the Pro Max model swapped for an Ultra.

And this would also mean that it’s got some extra features, in addition to simply having a bigger screen.

A separate prediction from industry consultant Ross Young reclamación (es that we’ll see Dynamic Island available on all new iPhone 15 modelos.

That’s the small interactive cut-out for Face ID and the selfie camera that replaces the old notch.

Currently it’s only available on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, but not the regular iPhone 14 y iPhone 14 Más.

Other likely improvements include a better camera and potentially more storage as default (possibly starting at 256GB).

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