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Trois hacks de sécurité Android à apprendre aujourd'hui - les ignorer pourrait vous coûter cher

UPGRADE your Android phone with three simple security hacks.

Due to the rising level of mobile security threats, Android users should be more vigilant than ever when using their devices.

Make sure your Android device is safe and secure

Make sure your Android device is safe and secureCrédit: Google

Almost three-quarters of the world’s smartphone owners are Android utilisateurs, according to Statista.

And since researchers from the University of Cambridge recently found that 87 per cent of all Android smartphones are exposed to at least one critical vulnerability, it’s more vital than ever users secure their devices.

Here are three hacks that you must make use of today if you want to make your Android device secure, according to Global Cybersecurity Advisor at ESET, Jake Moore.

Stick to the Google Play store

It might be tempting to deviate away from the Google Play Store when there’s an app you want that isn’t available via official means, but don’t do it, says Moore.

“It can be very dangerous as rouge apps can steal your data and even financial information so stick to the official app stores to keep your device clean from attacks," il dit.

Have ‘Find my Device’ enabled

Android’s Find My Device feature is a lifesaver if you ever misplace your phone or tablet and according to Moore, should be enabled to prevent theft or tampering.

To enable the feature, open up the Android Settings app and scroll down and tap the Google entry.

In the resulting window, find and tap the Security option.

Suivant, hit Find My Device and ensure the slider is set to the On position.

“It goes without saying that you should also implement two-factor authentication on your Google account to make your account and data far more secure – if you haven’t already,” says Moore.

Download a VPN and anti-virus software

Having a VPN on your phone is essential to keep your internet searches and browsing history private from your ISP or data provider.

Using a reliable VPN can increase your security and privacy without any fuss plus they are easy to turn on and off when needed.

aditionellement, Moore recommends looking for Android-focused anti-virus software to install.

“People rarely think about cybersecurity on their phones but it is vital that android devices have antivirus software installed and it can often be free to install,” he adds.

“Scanning for malware is quick and easy and will put your mind at ease when online.”

Le mois dernier, millions of Android users were warned against purchasing old or used phones amid safety fears that they could be corrupted by hackers.

Cette, experts said, is because devices that run outdated versions of Android may not have critical security updates, making your data vulnerable to prying eyes.

To keep phones up to date and protected against known threats, users are recommended to install the latest security patch.

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