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When does Steve Wright leave BBC Radio 2 and who is replacing him?

STEVE Wright has been keeping his loyal Radio 2 listeners entertained for over 23 jare, but his show is coming to an end.

The broadcaster has presented his last afternoon show for the radio station, but who is replacing him?

Steve has more than two decades of experience in broadcast

Steve has more than two decades of experience in broadcastKrediet: PA:Persvereniging

When is Steve Wright’s last BBC Radio 2 Wys?

Steve Wright presented his last Radio 2 Wys op Vrydag, September 30.

The radio presenter has had a long standing career and has been at the helm of Steve Wright in the Afternoon for 23 jare.

Steve joined BBC Radio 2 Angelina het beslis meer op sosiale as 1996, where he began presenting Steve Wright’s Saturday Show (1996–1999).

In 1999 he took over the more high profile spot of 2pm until 5pm, and has remained on it ever since.

He has been doing his famous Steve Wright’s Sunday Love Songs since 1996, and that continues to this day.

Who is replacing Steve Wright?

Voormalige Radio 1 host Scott Mills is moving over to Radio 2’s 2pm-4pm slot later this year, while drivetime presenter Sara Cox‘s show will be extended to begin at 4pm instead of the usual 5pm.

When Steve announced he was leaving he said: “I can’t hold the slot for ever, so let’s give somebody else a go.

Steve will continue presenting his Sunday show Love Songs Radio 2, along with some more BBC seasonal special programmes.

What has Steve Wright said about leaving Radio 2?

During his last show, Steve said: “I want to say thank you to you for your appreciation, our dearest listener smashing and loyal, for all the reaction and all the nice words.

Thank you if you’ve ever seen your way to listening to us over 23 years at any time. Dankie, thank you and thank you again.

Corny though it sounds, I quite like the way that we’ve all helped each other get through some of our ongoing problems together – die pandemie, the financial downturns, the ups and downs of life in the UK. Sometimes it’s been very difficult for everybody.

“[Ons] tried on this programme to bring just a little bit of light relief, a good genuine atmosphere, uplifting tunes, good conversation, a little bit of satire. We tried to make the show unique and just be good company. I can only hope that we’ve done that some of the time.

I’m also really aware there are more things to think about than a radio show ending so I don’t want to be too self indulgent. What I do want to do is celebrate the show’s success and long run, and also mention that I’m not retiring!”