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THE parents of a toddler have been slapped with child abuse charges after they locked her in their freezing car while they went skiing.

Temperatures were said to be around -2.2C when they left the two-year-old girl alone in the vehicle.

The child was left alone in a locked car

The child was left alone in a locked carCrédito: Getty

Katelynn Brent, 21, from Hampton, New York and the girl’s dad, 29-year-old Corey Ahern admitted to leaving their daughter, but said they had checked on her.

The couple had used their employee passes to ski ten runs at Killington Resort in Vermont, América.

Ms Brent was also handed a DUI after she was found to belegally drunk”.

The couple were only caught after a local cops were alerted to a child being left alone in a car.

They were stopped by Officer Hoffman of Killington Police Department driving on a nearby road.

Officer Hoffman told thatthe child seemed healthy and fine”.

A spokesperson for Killington Police Department said in a statement: “The Vermont Department of Children and Families and the New York State Department of Child Protective Services are aware of the above findings.

Brent has been charged with DUI and Cruelty to a Child.

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Ahern has been charged with Cruelty to a Child.

Both parties are scheduled to appear in court at a later date to answer to the above charges.

Social media users blasted the parentsactions, saying theyshould be ashamed”.

Janeen Anne Jarvis-Lunna said: “They should be ashamed of themselves!

Wonder how many times they have put their child in danger. This just happened to be the time they were caught.

Leigh Jenkins said: “They are lucky a bad person didn’t see the child first and take her.

All they needed was someone to watch her for a few hours and everything would have been fine.

But to leave a two-year-old in a car no matter what the temperatures were, is totally irresponsible.

The couple are due to appear in court on February 28.