リトルピープルのオードリーは彼女が「神経質」だと言います’ 息子のラドリーの水泳レッスン中

小さな人々, Big World star Audrey Roloff has admitted watching her 7-month-old son Radley’s swimming lessons makes her “nervous.”

The reality TV personality has been sharing videos of her youngest child trying to float in the pool on his own.

クレジット: Instagram/audreyroloff

クレジット: インスタグラム/オードリー・ロロフ

金曜日に, Audrey posted a slew of clips from her baby’s swimming lesson, with her worried words being heard in the background.

[object Window], Radley could be seen floating in the pool with some help from the instructor.

Getting a bit nervous while watching her baby struggle a bit, the LPBW star asked: “Those bubbles are ok, 正しい?」

The swim teacher explained: "はい, those bubbles means he’s breathing.

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Audrey shocks fans by showing off fit post-baby body in sexy $162 swimsuit


Audrey shocks fans by showing off fit post-baby body in sexy $162 swimsuit

“But I want him to do more floating on his back, so those bubbles go away. So he’s breathing better.

“He’s doing a back float, but he’s not comfortable yet. That takes time. He’s doing it.”

In the following Instagram Story, Audrey admitted that the whole thing has been making her a little concerned.

“My nervous mom voice,” she captioned the clip, in which her young son was flipped by the instructor in the pool, from his back to his belly to his back again.


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“There it is, there it is,” the coach said. “All the way. Nice job.”

Audrey exclaimed: “Yay, バディ!」

As they did it again, the instructor shared: “I’m barely helping him out, but I’m helping him out a little bit.

“We’re building confidence. Nice job, Radley.”

The instructor then left the baby completely alone for a few seconds before coming back to help him.

“Good job, バディ,” Audrey called out.

Then the videos turned to her two-year-old Bode’s swim lessons, in which he was learning how to float and how to tread water

“Chin up, Bode,” the coach said. “You got this.”

Audrey called out to him: "いい加減にして, バディ. There you go.”

今週はじめ, Audrey shocked fans by showing off her post-baby body in a sexy $162 swimsuit.

オードリー, 30, posed in the Instagram Story holding her seven-month-old.

During the sweet clip, the LPBW star flashed a smile as she carried Radley under her arm.

The reality star wore a stunning swimsuit that had images of pink flowers on the front.

Radley looked adorable in his light brownish onesie while the Sheryl Crow song, Soak Up the Sun, バックグラウンドで再生.

Audrey then uploaded a link and revealed where she bought the one-piece.

The Saint Maddox swimsuit is estimated at $170.

The Little People star has been open about her postpartum body since giving birth to her third child.

11月に戻る, オードリー shared photos of herself wearing only a bra and shortsjust one hour postpartum.

スナップで, she seemed to have a baby bump after she had delivered her baby boy.





彼女は投稿にキャプションを付けました: “The one-hour postpartum mirror selfie. God made our bodies to do miraculous things like bringing life into the world.

Though she has not been shy about her body, Audrey also opened up about the pain and exhaustion from her postpartum experience.

クレジット: Instagram/audreyroloff

クレジット: インスタグラム