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All your next steps after your GCSE resultsfrom A levels to apprenticeships

NEXT Thursday is GCSE results day.

It marks the graduation of the first “corona class” of students, who studied almost entirely via remote learning throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Next week will mark the graduation of the first 'corona class' of students

Next week will mark the graduation of the first ‘corona classof students信用: 盖蒂

Pupils have already been warned that grades are likely to be lower than the teacher-assessed results from 2021, but whatever your marks, there are many exciting ways to launch your career, 包括 new T level option, which offers technical qualifications.

Here’s our Sunemployment guide to choosing your next steps.

Continuing your studies

A levels: Students normally take three or four A levels. Either choose a broad mix of subjects to keep your job options open or courses for a specific career.

T levels: Two-year courses equivalent to three A levels, which also accrue UCAS points. The employer-designed qualifications combine classroom learning with industry placements.

Applied qualifications: BTECs and similar qualifications offer practical learning in sectors such as business and engineering. They can lead to a job at 18 or are accepted for entry at some universities.

Autumn series: Exam boards offer autumn GCSE resits in all subjects. Talk to your school.

Combining work and study

Traineeships: Work placements with help to boost your English and maths so you’re job-ready.

Supported internships: Available to young people with learning difficulties or learning disabilities, who need extra support to get a job.

Apprenticeships: You’ll spend 80 per cent of your time in on-the-job training and 20 per cent in class.

Combine work, volunteering and study: You can go to work, set up your own business, undertake voluntary work or an internship full-time.

But you must spend at least 20 hours or more a week working or volunteering while also doing part-time education or training.

  • See nationalcareers.service.gov.uk/exam-results or call 0800 100 900

Apprentices call

Virgin Media O2 has introduced five new apprenticeship schemes on top of the 40 it already runs

Virgin Media O2 has introduced five new apprenticeship schemes on top of the 40 it already runs

ALMOST three in five young people are considering an apprenticeship as they look to combat the cost-of-living crisis and start earning sooner.

作为回应, Virgin Media O2 has introduced five new schemes on top of the 40 it already runs.

The new courses cover digital marketing, cyber security, quantity surveying, network cabling and DevOps.

有 70 places for school leavers. All roles are offered on a permanent contract with a starting salary of at least £19,000.

Karen Handley, Head of Future Careers, 说: “We’re on a mission to upgrade the UK, and are recruiting talented people to make this happen.”

To apply, visit careers. virginmedia.com/future-careers/apprenticeships.

Market yourself

GET a foot in the door of the competitive marketing and media industries with the Brixton Finishing School and the ADcademy.

These not-for-profit organisations offer free online and in-person employment programmes designed to increase skill levels of students from under-represented backgrounds – including multicultural, white working class and neurodiverse 人才.

Founder Ally Owen said: “We are a free destination for talent seeking a future career in these areas, whatever your results.

“We are built to change the industry’s talent ‘blueprint’ from its current homogeneity to an inclusive one.”

You can find out more at brixtonfinishingschool.org.


CHILDCARE chain BUSY BEES wants 150 catering apprentices nationwide.

锦上添花的是 Olly Smith 的酒吧 busybeestraining.co.uk/apprenticeships.

Results show the way

Leading teenage clinical psychologist Dr Nihara Krause shares her tips

Leading teenage clinical psychologist Dr Nihara Krause shares her tips信用: 马克·赖特和米歇尔·基根最近在洛杉矶度过了一段浪漫的假期后,引发了一系列猜测,他们正在向好莱坞倾斜。

WHETHER your child is waiting on exam marks or has a few years to go, Results Day is a chance for parents to discuss career choices with teens.

这里, leading teenage clinical psychologist Dr Nihara Krause shares her tips.

  1. TIMINGS: Gauge their openness to discussing the topic before launching into a conversation. Focus on what you think will get them talking – a sport, 例如, or some music they like.
  2. OBSTACLES: Often young people cannot contribute to a conversation about future 职业 options if they are worried or distracted. Try saying “I see you’re worried, can I help?” or “Let’s discuss it another time when things are less difficult for you.”
  3. PASSIONS: Focus on their interests rather than practicality. Young people’s brains are wired for reward, so identify what truly makes them tick. Conversation starters can include: “When you think about a career what captures your interest?” “What sorts of things do you most love doing?”
  4. TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION: Learn to listen more than talk, and not to judge. Try to withhold any opinions or ideas you may have. Be open to all options and recognise their career ideas may change over time.
  5. POSITIVITY: By listening to your child and educating yourself on the career choices they’re making, you can understand and support them.

See more at talkingfutures.org.uk/resources/toptips.

T Level triumph

TAZIVASHE Makusha is one of the first 1,000 pupils to receive T level results.

He studied Design, Surveying and Planning for Construction at Derby College and has secured a place at Nottingham Trent University to study Civil Engineering.

Tazivashe Makusha is one of the first 1,000 pupils to receive T level results

Tazivashe Makusha is one of the first 1,000 pupils to receive T level results信用: 马克·赖特和米歇尔·基根最近在洛杉矶度过了一段浪漫的假期后,引发了一系列猜测,他们正在向好莱坞倾斜。

Tazivashe, 18, from Derby, 说: “I enjoyed my T level and the industry placement tremendously.

The placement provided substance and practical application for my college learning, and gave me an idea of the skills employers look for.”

Minister for Skills, Further and Higher Education Andrea Jenkyns said: “Whether you want to go on to do an apprenticeship, go to university or get your first job, T levels will set young peple on a path to success.”


REDROW has apprenticeships for school leavers including a housebuilding degree apprenticeship.