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I’ve been stuck in my living room for 12 mois – council won’t rehome me

A MUM-of-five claims she’s been stuck in her living room for 12 months because the council won’t find her a new home.

Sarah Allen, 42, had her left leg amputated in November last year, and has had to sleep, go toilet in, be bathed in, and eat in her Kent lounge ever since.

Sarah Allen has been sleeping, manger, bathing and going toilet in her living room for 12 mois

Sarah Allen has been sleeping, manger, bathing and going toilet in her living room for 12 moisCrédit: Steve Finn
The mum-of-five has been waiting for her council to find her a new home since her leg was amputated in November last year

The mum-of-five has been waiting for her council to find her a new home since her leg was amputated in November last yearCrédit: Steve Finn

And if she wants to leave the room her husband has to lift her, and her wheelchair, out of the housethen back in again.

Sarah lives in Orbit housing and has been in her domicile pour 15 années.

It’s up to Thanet District Council to find her a new houseor adapt hers to fit her new needs.

But after nearly one whole year nothing has been done.

Sarah exclusively told The Sun Online: “When my leg was first amputated I thought to myself ‘Sarah you have lost a leg not your life’, but lately I am feeling that I have also lost my life.

“I have always been a positive person but I just can’t do it anymore I miss running water or having a shower.

“I can’t do anything. I basically live in the living room.”

Sarah lost her leg after a complication when she gave birth to her youngest son.

An occupational therapist was sent to assess her home, before she could be sortie de l'hôpital, to see if it would meet her new accessibility needs.

It was found Sarah’s two-storey homewith doorways too narrow and corners too sharp for a wheelchairwas not fit for her.

Both Orbit and the council were made aware.

Mais, dit-elle: “They wouldn’t change anything”.

Sarah said she requested a ramp, and claimed the organisations “won’t even do that”.


Le maman can only get in and out of the house with the help of her husband, who is her full-time carer.

Elle a dit: “My husband lifts me and the wheelchair inside.”

Sarah has a hospital bed that she sleeps in, and a toilet out in the open that she can lift herself onto.

She has no access to running water and says she hasn’t bathed or showered since her leg was amputatedalthough she washes herself when her children are out.

Elle a dit: “It’s all upstairs. I have no privacy at all. Something has to happen.”

As Sarah’s husband is her carer, he can’t work and they live off benefits.

Elle a ajouté: “He has to take care of me and the kids.”

Her five children are aged between one and 20, including four-year-old twins.

Elle a dit: “It’s been a process for the whole family.”


They had considered private rentals but would need a deposit, which Sarah says the family can’t afford.

Maintenant, she just feels stuck, ajouter: “It’s getting me down at the minuteI’m quite a happy person usually.”

Orbit has said it is the council’s responsibility to find Sarah a new home, while the council will not publicly comment on individual cases.

Orbit told The Sun Online: “Applications for rehousing or major adaptions to the property must be made through the local authority.

“We have communicated this to the customer and are supporting her in her application.”

The Thanet District Council told The Sun Online: “We are not able to comment on individual cases, pourtant, the council is responsible for facilitating transfers made by social housing tenants who meet the criteria set out in Thanet District Council’s Allocations Policy.

This includes people who require specialist or adapted accommodation.

“Homeowners or tenants who require adaptations to a property, following an occupational therapist assessment from KCC, should apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant.

Tenants should also speak to their landlords about any application. Information on these grants and how to apply for them is on our website.

Grants are given to owners or tenants to help provide essential adaptations to enable them to use or access their home.

The maximum grant given is £30,000 and funding can only be given for works specifically recommended by an occupational therapist.

“Where people need to move, we work closely with Kent County Council’s Occupational Therapy team and ensure that any accommodation offered to tenants with additional needs is suitable for them.”