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I hate loading bay put right outside my home by councilI want it gone now

NEIGHBOURS are furious about a loading bay installed outside their homes.

Residents say council chiefs have put it in the wrong place and insisted they do not need it there.

Alex Varga is furious about a loading bay outside his home

Alex Varga is furious about a loading bay outside his homeCrédito: BPM
Residents say they now have to park further up the street

Residents say they now have to park further up the streetCrédito: BPM

And it has meant they have had to park further down the road away from their homes in Stoke-on-Trent because there are now no spaces.

The loading bay was part of works to change a one-way system. Residents are also furious as they have to pay £39-a-year to park on their street.

Neighbour Alex Varga, 43, dijo StokeonTrentLive: “They’ve put a loading bay right outside my house, where there are not any shops. It’s in the wrong place.

“We don’t need it here and I have to park all the way down the road and walk to my car because of it.

We pay £39 for a parking permit for the year. It’s not much but if we pay we should have a space to park outside our house.

“But we can’t because we can’t park in the loading bay, not even at night.

We were already struggling for a parking space and now this is taking up the space of at least two cars.

Stoke on Trent council has been approached for comment.

Last month we told how a homeowner’s plans to build a pair of semi-detached houses was dividing his street.

Residents claim theludicrousproposal will take away parking spaces and force them to park “kilómetros de distancia” from their homes.

Plans for both two-bedroom houses would see them built with dropped kerbs, which neighbours would be unable to park in front oftaking away valuable on street parking in Ipswich, Suffolk, they claim.

But defiant developer Garry Wicks, 54, has hit back, blasting: “I don’t see what the problem is.

He drew up the controversial plan after buying his elderly neighbour’s home when she went into a care.

Garry was left with enough space to build two adjoining houses at the end of the gardens of his two neighbouring properties.

The new homes will have off-road parking for three cars, with drives leading onto Copleston Road.