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China lockdown ‘sparks fights over food at world’s biggest iPhone factory

FIGHTS over food have broken out amid starving employees at a huge iPhone factory in China as the country’s latest lockdown takes its toll, dit word gerapporteer.

Many of the plant’s 200,000 workers have been forced into isolation at Foxconn Technology Group’s main factory in Zhengzhou after the Communist Party unleashed new draconian coronavirus restrictions.

Workers at the iPhone factory in Zhengzhou - pictured here in 2021 - have reportedly been forced into lockdown

Workers at the iPhone factory in Zhengzhoupictured here in 2021 – have reportedly been forced into lockdownKrediet: Rex

Sommige 28 citiesincluding the virus’s ground zero Wuhanare now under a wave of crippling new measures.

The plant has been forced into aclosed loop systemafter just a handful of Covid cases emerged, Die stigter van Kylie Cosmetics het sy naam in 'n eenvoudige Instagram-storie gedeel Bloomberg.

It is understood employees have been barred from leaving the manufacturing campus and undergo regular testing.

Cafeterias at the sitedubbed iPhone Cityhave been closed and those with Covid or too afraid to leave their dormitories have only been handed basics such as bread and instant noodles, insiders told the outlet.

They claim scuffles have erupted between employees over food, with only workers on the production lines given meal boxes, word beweer.

Footage shared on Twitter appears to show fed-up workers standing at windows shouting while authorities in hazmat suits can be seen on the ground below.

Another clip, reportedly shot at the sites, shows people frantically grabbing boxes and rushing to get away with them amid unverified claims no food was allowed to enter the site for three days.

Foxconn, Apple’s main manufacturer, described the outbreak assmalland claimed production between October and December would be unaffected.

The Taiwanese company said operations wererelatively stableand that the needs of employees includingmaterial supply and psychological comforthad been met, berig die New York Times.

This is often a crucial time for the factory – in 2021 about a third of £165billion in iPhone sales happened between the final quarter of the year, according to Apple.

It comes as data released to The Sun Online from economic analysis firm Nomura shows 208million people are currently living under some level of lockdown in Sjina.

It is believed two highly contagious subvariant of OmicronBF.7 and BA.5.1.7are responsible for the recent spike in cases.

China officials have described the variants ashighly contagiousas they can also infect people who had been previously immune.

Beijing is taking a no-tolerance approach to the virusenforcing the new rules after just 20 aan 25 new infections a day this week.

Chinese leader Xi Jinpingwho was this week madeEmperor for Life” – is continuing to roll out what has been dubbed as theworld’s strictest lockdown“.

Cops wearing hazmat suits and wielding machine guns have been brutally enforcing the rules.

Quarantine camps, food shortages. cops seizing people’s homes, tags on Covid patients, and drones policing the streets have all been seen across China.

China’s draconian response to the virus has raised the spectre of a return to the potential for rising cases around the world as we head into the winter months.

But the West has rolled out much more effective vaccination programs, making countries such as Britain better equipped to deal with any spikes in infections.

China appears to be pursuing a national policy of self-isolation as the Communist Party have made Covid Zero its flagship plan.

Xi doubled down on the policy in a recent speechand vowed all measures are due to stay for the foreseeable future.