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Haus in begehrtem Londoner Vorort für nur 120.000 £ – aber es kommt mit einem Haken

A HOUSE in a sought-after London suburb has hit the market for just £120,000but it comes with quite the catch.

The quirky pad is located in the capital‘s cool borough of Hackney, making it a hot Eigentum for the price.

The property in Hackney has hit the market for just £125,000

The property in Hackney has hit the market for just £125,000Anerkennung: Rightmove
But buyers may notice there is a significant lack of space in the converted garage

But buyers may notice there is a significant lack of space in the converted garageAnerkennung: Rightmove

jedoch, there is one large imperfection you will need to overlook if you are thinking of bidding on the home at auction.

Nestled in between the stunning pads on the swanky street is the single-storey studiothat currently only crams one bed in.

Dwarfed by its neighbours, the tiny residence is easy to miss after being wedged in between two properties.

The former garage was converted into a mini home by the space-savvy owners who spotted a gap in the market.

Snaps showing off the listing auf RightMove give buyers a glimpse of the front of the propertywhich is only marginally wider than the car parked outside.

Househunters are greeted by french doors and a double window, which is a welcome feature for those who feel a little confined.

The flat-roofed property has similar patio doors at the back, as well as a small garden area to make use of.

The current occupiers have miraculously managed to cram in some kitchen units, cupboards and even a fridge insideproving they can make the former garage somewhat homely.

The listing also states that the pad has one bathroom, as well as boasting a parking spot right outside on the drive.

It is set to go to auction on December 20, with estate agents enticing buyers by insisting they can convert the single-storey home.

Planning applications have been submitted to the London Borough of Hackney for the demolition of the property and the erection of a new building.

Those with a visionand a substantial bank balanceare promised they could add another level to transform the pad.

Current proposals suggest there would be room for an upstairs bedroom, home office and bathroom on the second floor.

This would allow space for a cosy lounge come dining room, as well as a kitchen and a cloakroom or a downstairs toilet.

The location of the home is in a key spot for stellar transport links around the city, as well as being close to cafes, shops and restaurants.

It comes after a family home with spacious bedrooms in Newcastle went on sale for just £125,000 – aber potential buyers were horrified by the promo pics.

Der Rat ist befugt, einen Fall vor das Amtsgericht zu bringen, wenn er entscheidet, dass es sich um eine gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Belästigung handelt

The home has been left swamped in piles of clutter and mess, while clothes burst out of stuffed wardrobes.

Und this three-bed home hit the market at just £39,000but house hunters will have to be willing to take on a hefty renovation project for the price tag.