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Spoilers de Corrie: Bernie Winter se encuentra cara a cara con un gemelo perdido hace mucho tiempo

BERNIE Winter gets the shock of her life when she comes face to face with her long-lost twin.

Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) goes on a shopping spree next week in Calle Coronaciónbut who follows her home?

Bernie gets a surprise visitor

Bernie gets a surprise visitorCrédito: ITV
How will Bernie react when she knows the truth about Fern

How will Bernie react when she knows the truth about FernCrédito: ITV

Bernie returns from her shopping spree with Joseph’s new uniform and a posh blazer for herself.

When Bernie admits that the blazer was meant for someone else and given to her in error, Gemma and Chesney urge her to take it back.

But then a lady calls at No.5 and introduces herself as Fern, claims that Bernie has tried stealing her posh jacket, how will Bernie get out of this one?

The likeness in uncanny but how long will it take Bernie to realise that she is meeting her long-lost twin sister?

mientras tanto, Gemma and Paul celebrate their birthday with a meal in the Bistro.

Bernie arrives at the bistro having missed the meal as she failed to get more shifts at the kebab shop.

Realising her Mum is short of money, Gemma assures her Linda has transferred the cash for Joseph’s school uniform.

Bernie asks Daisy if there are any shifts going at the Rovers, but Daisy says no.

Dev offers Bernie a cleaning job, she accepts immediately, utterly thrilled.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV.

Who will help Bernie with her money troubles?

Who will help Bernie with her money troubles?Crédito: ITV

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