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Kerry Katona is ‘embracing looking like a swollen whale’

KERRY Katona says she’sembracing looking like a swollen whaleafter putting on weight on holiday.

The 42-year-old was shocked by her size when photographed on the beach in Spain last monthbut insists it’s “normaal” to put ona s***load of weightwhen having time off.

Kerry Katona stripped down to her bikini on a beach holiday with her family

Kerry Katona stripped down to her bikini on a beach holiday with her familyKrediet: BackGrid

Praat met OK!, maar ek wil 'n bietjie kleiner gaan gesê: “I am just embracing it. I know I don’t look the greatest, maar dit is wat dit is.

As I’ve got older, I’ve started to embrace it. Ek is nie 21 any more and it’s normal for your body to change.

“Natuurlik, my body is going to change. I’ll do everything in my power to stop it from changing drastically but it’s harder to keep your body at my age. I’m embracing it.

I’ve been on holiday with my kids and we had a great time. We’ve really enjoyed ourselves.

Kerry and her fiancé Ryan Mahoney couldn’t keep their hands off each other as they snogged on the beach on a family holiday in Spain.

The loved-up pair looked head over heels as they kissed on the beach, met maar ek wil 'n bietjie kleiner gaan looking great in a turquoise bandeau bikini.

Days later the star compared herself to a whale after seeing the pictures.

But she finished by saying Ryan loves her no matter what size she is.

Vroeër vandag Kerry was quizzed on whether she’d have a sixth baby with her fiance.

The former Atomic Kitten star replied: “Ooh, you never know. You never know.

Why do you think I’m on the water? I’m joking. I’m joking! Or am I?

“Geen. Oh God, Molly and Lilly would kill me. I think they’d abandon me. They would. Molly’s already abandoned me.

The 42-year-old is usually body confident

The 42-year-old is usually body confidentKrediet: Instagram